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    Diane Zides

    I tried a new hair product I was allergic too, which made my scalp extremely dry and itchy. I must have scratched my head in my sleep and ended up with 3 infected bumps on the back left side of my head which also enlarged my occipital lymph node on the left side of my neck. I had to take a ZPack and didn't bother to check for gluten since I knew the antibiotic would distroy me anyway by feeding my candida. Two weeks later, most of my symptoms have returned. I'm having a colonoscopy in a few days which won't help if there's gluten or sugars in the prep. Two months dieting along with $1,390 worth of hydrogen peroxide drips for the candida have been wasted since I have to start from scratch to get back to where I was.

    Rita Bray

    I know how frustrating it can be to feel you have had a setback.  I do not have advice for the candida, but I have an idea for shampoo.  I found this solution since I react to coconut and all natural shampoo products have coconut in them in some form or fashion.  I use the “No-Poo” method.  I was skeptical but I have been using this method for two months and I love my hair.  I do not have to use any other hair products like setting lotions or sprays.  I am sending two links.  One will give you give reasons to try it and a method to use  and the other is another process to use.


    Let me know how you are feeling.




    Use Vitamin C for the colonoscopy prep.  I discussed how I did it in the forum here “Vitamin C and Adrenal Fatigue.”  I don't know how to point you to the page.  You should get there if you search the forum for any of the words.

    The protocol worked great and there were no glutens or sugars!

    Good luck.


    Diane, you must be so frustrated. I know what relapse feels like.  We have to keep fighting so hang in there.

    Peter Osborne

    Call my office and ask them to send you Ultra Biotic Defense.  It is a very high dose probiotic to help restore gut flora and immune function faster.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery,

    Dr. OSmile

    Diane Zides

    Thanks everyone. I'll check out all your suggestions. I felt tons better the day after the colonoscopy. I used Smart Water for the prep. Could be some of my symptoms were heightened being in a slightly dehydrated since menopause. I'll continue drinking it and see if it helps.


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