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    I had the ELISA/Act test done and found I cannot have any sugars in the whole sugar group and this includes maple sugar and honey. However, the list does not mention Agave Nectar. I wonder if this is allowed during the 6-month avoidance time?

    Also, my second question is about Whey Protein shakes. The website has organic grass-fed whey protein and I would like to try whey protein shakes. I have so many dietary restrictions right now that I need something to give me healthy calories and protein. I have not tested positive for any dairy intolerances, but if I eat dairy, I break out in face and body acne. I don’t want to spend $50 on this and find out after a week that it’s giving me acne. Does anyone know how dairy-sensitive people respond to this kind of whey protein?


    I noticed that my original post omitted my website address. The website is Benefit Your Life.

    Peter Osborne

    Don’t recommend whey for those with dairy issues. I would also recommend avoiding the agave.
    All the best,
    Dr. O

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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