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    Suzanne Ludlam
    Suzanne Ludlam

    I’m considering purchasing Dr. Osborne’s cookbook but wonder if it would have recipes that my husband and I could use. In addition to being truly gluten free we are also dairy, egg, soy, and sesame free (after testing). Could we use the recipes in the cookbook or do they rely on any of these foods? Thanks for your help with this.

    Jacqueline Scarbrough
    Jackie Scarbrough

    I was surprised when I got mine that quite a few do contain dairy. Yes, many with eggs too.

    If I may recommend Kelly Brozyna’s “Grain Free Baked Goods & Desserts”….lots of egg free recipes and I think all dairy free, there are more dessert recipes than anything, but not 100%. I use this cookbook very often.

    Kate Osborne
    Peter Osborne

    I will be posting this week about a new cookbook with over 100 TRUE gluten free recipes that are also dairy free, sugar, free, and legume free. Check your next newsletter for the link. The Glutenology cookbook is a starter cookbook for those going gluten free. It contains many recipes with dairy.
    Hope that helps!
    Dr. OSmile

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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