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    Stephanie Sherie

    HI Dr. O,

    Thanks for the teaching video on Prolamine.

    It helped me understand the difference between gluten and gliadin.


    Now I see why other grains like rice and corn DO have a TYPE of gluten.  AH HA!  I never realised that.  To make sure I understand this it’s like Prolaimine is a family’s surname and all of the types of glutens (gladin, orzenin) are TYPES of glutens or brothers and sisters and their Daddy is Prolaimine.

    So, even if rice doesn’t have gladin (spell?) it is a very close relative of orzenin and can therefore cause simliar symptoms because they have the same “Daddy” or Prolaimine.

    Is my understanding of their relationship correct?

    Also, I LOVED this video really got into detail about the gluten free breads I like to buy.  I’ll think twice now.



    Peter Osborne

    Yes, yes,

    You have the concept!

    I love it when when a plan comes together :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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