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    Any recommendations on a gluten-free, food-based prenatal vitamin?

    Also, my midwife wants to start me on a calcium supplement. Looking
    at the ingredients, it contains barley grass. I know barley has gluten,
    but is barley grass ok?




    Peter Osborne

    Avoid the barley grass ingredient.  I use Thorne Pre-natals.  Very high quality product.


    Hi Dr. O.,

    I started taking the Thorne prenatals, and noticed they caused nausea. I was off and on with them to test if they were causing it, and they were.

    Now that I’m pregnant, I decided to try getting back on them again, and my morning sickness was unbearable after taking them. I also decided to only take 2 instead of the recommended 3, just to ease back into it. I did a little digging online and found that it’s probably the high dose of iron. Do you have any alternative suggestions?

    Thanks for your help. It’s always appreciated!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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