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    Hi all my name is Ray and I along with my twin boys of 2.5 years have been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity. We are currently totally GF, and battle daily against the forces that are the uneducated teachers, chefs, shops, coffee shops and restaurants to name but a few. Looking forward to sharing topics and ideas.
    Here’s one to start I train 5 days a week with weights this type of training demands a paleo type diet and supplementation to support muscle growth etc. my problem is pre and post carbohydrate options. Currently pre workout with complex carbs consisting of sweet potato. I follow this with a post workout simple carb of grape juice. Does anyone out there have the same problems if so I would welcome some good high complex and simple carb ideas.

    Thank you

    Rita Bray

    I am not concerned about carb loading for myself, but it does seem to be a topic to explore for those that are used to thinking that carb loading is important. I follow Mark Sisson’s Primal Fitness. His website is Mark’s Daily Apple. If you put “carb Loading” in the search engine, it will take you to some articles he has written on the subject.



    I just happened to read in the Harvard Health Letter about a study that found bananas to be “as beneficial as sports drinks for restoring carbs, potassium, and other nutrients expended during exercise.” Other benefits of bananas they noted were antioxidants, a healthier blend of sugars, B6, and fiber.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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