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    John Bane

    Hi All,


    Are there supliments or is there food that you recommend if we have a magnesium and or Selenium deficiency?

    I have really bad eczema.  It has been about two and half years.  It has gotten better with Gluten Free Diet but it is not completely gone.  What am I missing?  My food is very limitied, organic vegetables, grass feed beef, sometimes chicken, samon. 



    -Chronic fatigue

    -eczema (can get really bad) docter has given me cream and pills that help for a while but eveything seems to come right back.

    -some type of skin dermatitis

    -react to to many foods that i use to eat.


    Ideas? Thanks guys!!!!!



    Diane Zides

    Are you eating dairy? It must be eliminated if you're gluten intolerant. I was using clarified butter thinking it was void of most of the milk protein. No wonder my eczema wouldn't go away. Once I stopped all dairy, it went away in 2 weeks.

    John Bane

    I will give this a try and stop dairy for now. Ty

    John Bane

    Just one day without dairy my eczema has started to heal very quickly.  Thanks for the tip.  It will be hard to give up dairy.  Any alternatavies to regular daily, grass fed cheese.. etc that I could try?


    I saw a recipe online (do a google search) for making nacho cheese with cashews.  Search for recipes to make dairy free cheese. Good luck, I too am dairy free and it gets easier! I miss cheese the most but, it does get easier!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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