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    Laura Pustejovsky

    Has anyone had a problem with perioral dermatitis? I thought I had self diagnosed a rash on my chin as having dermatits Herpetiformis but after about 2 months of self treating with no luck I went to the dermatologist who diagnosed it as PD….prescribed Minocin and topical creams sodium sulfacetamide with sulfur and Elidel. I have not initially filled the $200 Elidel but did start the antiobiotic and sulfur creams but after a couple of days, the rash has now spread all over my face as the initial chin area looks better. I have been gluten and grain free for three years – never having hypersensitivity or severe symptoms as some people. In the last week, I am not sure if I’ve developed new sensitivities to foods I’ve safely eaten the last three years or to products I’ve used safely (only change recently has been using Kirks soap for facial cleanser)or if the prescriptions could be causing the rash to spread. Other than having to take a course of antibiotics in January for a root canal, this is the only prescription I’ve taken since before cutting out grains. Before, that I had taken antiobiotics at least annually for chronic sinus infections (btw, haven’t had a sinus infection in the last 3 yrs) but never had a reaction to taking them before so not sure if it could be that or the cream making it spread. If anyone has suffered from PD, I’d like to hear what triggers it and what you’ve done to effectively treat it.

    Peter Osborne

    Hi Laura,

    Sorry for the delayed response.  Hope you are doing well.  It is most likely due to antibiotic use.  I would encourage you to try a strong probiotic (Ultra Biotic Defense) for two weeks.  You cannot buy this online, but if you call the office you can order it.  281-240-2229

    All the best,

    Dr. O

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