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    When we say no sugar, that means no fruits, juices, agave sryup, honey, and anything sweet.  However, if you really try this, eventually will have to eat some sugar or die.  Right!?  Eventually you will start losing your mind if you don't have any sugar.  So what does it mean to have no sugar in the diet?!  I'm trying this and it has been helpful, but after a while if I don't have just a little form of sugar, I will start acting absurdly and be extremely fatigued, with terrible eye pain and always thirsty for water.  To me, it sounds likea person with undiagnosed diabetes who even though they eat sugar, they can't absorb it.  I'm really interested in Dr. Osbornes advice here.  Tahnks to everyone, hope to here back.

    Peter Osborne


    No sugar refers to non processed sugar byproducts (i.e. cane, beet, corn, or any other food based extracted concentrated sugar).

    Honey is technically not included (provided that it is from the wild and raw).  That being said, I don't recommend smathering honey on everything.  Occasional use is acceptable. 

    We get the natural sugars that we need by consuming real food – whole organic fruits and vegetables.

    Some people have difficulty with certain fruits because of allergies, some because of pre-existing digestive disease (lack enzymatic ability to break them down).

    The take away here is – sugar that is naturally found in real food is ok to eat.

    Sugar that is extracted from food is better left alone.

    Hope this helps clarify for you.

    Have a great day!

    Dr. OSmile

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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