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    Orange Chicken

    serves 3-4

    for chicken
    1 pound chicken boneless thighs or breasts, cut into strips
    1 tablespoon coconut aminos (instead of soy sauce)
    1 teaspoon grated ginger
    1/2 cup potato starch
    oil for frying
    I cut up the chicken (I did nuggets), then in separate bowl I mixed up the coconut aminos, ginger and potato starch and poured over the top of the chicken in a zip log baggie and let it marinade for as long as you can (at least 15 minutes)

    After it was marinaded I fried it in your favorite oil (I used olive oil tonight) It doesn’t take very long be careful not to over cook.

    Remove chicken from pan and place on a plate lined with paper towel

    for orange sauce (if you decide to add a lot of veggies to this you may want to double sauce recipe)
    2/3 cup orange juice
    1/3 cup marmalade
    2 teaspoons potato starch (halve if using cornstarch)
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    While chicken is cooking mix this up in a separate bowl and let sit until chicken is done.

    After chicken is out of pan, I cut up some onion, red pepper, carrots (cooked ahead of time) and water chestnuts (all of these ingredients are optional)

    Then I added the sauce (If you use a lot of veggies you may want to double sauce), cook until bubbly and slightly thickened. Then, add the chicken back in and toss.
    I served on wild rice.

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