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    A little over one year ago, I was a very sick person with many different symptoms.  I didn't think of myself as sickly back then, but looking back, I was really sick and I felt old and fragile.

    Fortunately for me, my dear husband heard about Dr. Osborne and made an appointment for me.  Because of Dr. O, I found out that I have gluten sensitivity and I completely eliminated all grain from my diet.  My body's reaction was dramatic and I started to feel a lot better within a few weeks.  I continued to feel better and better over the next several months.

    Today, I have no pain in any of my joints or connective tissues.  I sleep through the night with no disturbances of restless legs or insomnia.  Many little things like dry skin and dry eye have improved. 

    And just this month we had a health fair at work.  My cholesterol test came back showing my (HDL) good cholesterol was 60 “very good”.  It has never been that good.  The only thing different in my diet is I don't consume grain and I don't consume any animals that are grain fed.  I do all my own cooking.  I've only eaten out 3 times since diagnosis.  I know there is a little controversy about whether or not high Cholesterol is really bad for you.  And I don't know enough about it.  But I really find it interesting that prior to my gluten free diet, my cholesterol test results indicated I was at risk for heart disease.  And now my test results say my HDL levels protect me from some heart disease.  Very interesting!

    So anyway, I'm so greatful to have good health and I wanted to share my enthusiasm.  What really matters to me is that I feel good and I'm not on any prescription drugs.  I'm just eating healthy and following Dr. O's food recommendations.  It is so easy for me.  I'm so happy.


    So happy for you, Jean!

    God bless,



    thanks for sharing that with us.  It gives me hope.  stay healthy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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