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    It was to be my 5 year outing. That time when Mom goes to do her own thing. I was finally going to find some celiacs with live faces to share stories with.

    I figured out who would take care of the little ones. I scrambled to make a special homemade pizza which would be done before I left. This was my first pizza in a long while since crust, tomato sauce and cheese don’t work.

    Finally the pizza was done, but alas it was past time to leave. I scrambled to change my dress for the third time. Nobody can go to a celiac support group with garbanzo flour puffing from their dress!

    Trying to eat the pizza while driving was challenging. The crust didn’t hang together and blobs of mango fell on my clean dress. Hey, I discovered a new glue for non-gluten stickers on fruit. I used my one thin napkin in my effort to erase all traces. The pizza was delicious and just what I needed to fill the craving.

    I finally arrived to the meeting 10 minutes late. I wondered whether I should buy a drink to bring in, or just hurry up and get in there. I washed my hands knowing that you can’t go to a Celiac meeing with pizza remains on them. I pondered about the hot pepper on my breath, but I had done all I could to solve that. I swished my water around my mouth and even pulled apart a ginger and a fennel capsule and swished them around too.

    I was at a Natural Food Coop. I checked the board and it still said the Celiac group would be there. I popped open the door of a nearby room. That couldn’t be the right room I said aloud. It was dark inside. I asked some employees where the meeting was. They hadn’t seen anyone go in yet. Well, are they usually late I inquired? They shrugged. We checked the schedule board, and no worry, the meeting was every third Tuesday of the month. They took me to the bulletin board and showed me an 8 1/2 X 11 paper which advertised the group. Everyone is welcome it said at the bottom. I guessed that was me.

    I decided to shop while I waited. I kept watching for a long blond haired lady that was the group leader they said. I completed my shopping, and called the goroup leader’s number which was on the bulletin board. There was no answer, but for a machine. I stammered out my name and number and something about having had one oppertunity to come to the meeting for Celiacs. “Du uh uh, ” I said at one point.

    Finally, I considered the story of the Celiac I encountered. She was dressed in a flowery, flowing dress and an orange shirt. She was dressed like me! She had the test results that confirmed she was a Celiac and a doctor’s report to tell her story. That was just like me! Infact, her story, matched my story. It was me! There was no doubt about it; I needed to go home and write about it on the forum.

    I arrived home. Two people walked up to the van, obviously curious how it went, I thought. They opened the back hatch and took out two bags of chicken feed and walked off with them. Oh, well I’ll do the forum then. But I found my daughter was talking to her sister on Skype and could not be interupted. We then started an Andy Griffeth Show. I figured I could write when it was done. As soon as the show was over my husband jumped up and ran to the computer to work on my son’s calculus class. He has his own computer which he nearly always used. I decided to wash the dishes.

    Well, the dishes got done and it was past my bedtime. But I had the energy to finish my story tonight. I walked over to the computer only to discover that it had been turned off. Now, you must know that we don’t turn it off. We have worn computers out by turning them off and on, so we leave it on. Our computer gets stuck if we turn it off, and the best solution is to let it grind for a long time. I went up to bed. Tomorrow is another day I reminded myself.

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