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    Jennifer Swift
    My symptoms were not that of digestion, skin, etc.  but my “muscles”.  I felt like I had just done a very intense weight training for my entire body 24 hours a day 7 days a week with extreme exhaustion.   Muscle twitching, felt like they were vibrating sometimes, very strange, jittery almost like I need to eat………I’ll try to keep it brief.  


    I was first diagnosed with Iron Deficient Anemia, that wasn’t it.  Went to Endocrinologist, nothing there.  Went to Nuerologist (mother and brother have been diagnosed with Parkinsons) nothing there.  Went to Cardiologist (very bad hearts in my family) found something here, Nuero Cardiogenic Syncopy with Asystole……..not as bad as it sounds, but not what was causing my muscle fatigue.  Was told time and time again, your blood work is fine, don’t know, you look really healthy.  But the fact of the matter was I didn’t feel well I felt horrible…………Then I was introduced to a chiropractor who specializes in nutrition, he had me have a very extensive list of blood work done and then he analyzed it and recommended a detox/cleanse.   He thought that would be a good place to start.  I did the cleanse for about 6 weeks I was feeling better, but not perfect.   I began to introduce gluten and dairy back into my diet and started to feel really bad again, back to the doctor, I had Iron Deficient Anemia again, why??. 

    Went through the “am I gluten intolerant do I have dairy issues”, I’m in my late 40’s can I just become gluten intolerant, can I just develop allergies to dairy, and started researching and researching and researching…………removed dairy from my diet, still felt bad, went “gluten free” or so I thought.  Felt better but still not perfect.  Did more research…….still “gluten free” had good days and days……Found “Gluten Free Society” continued to do research…….decided to have the genetic testing done and I tested positive for A1-DQ8, B1-DQ8 and B1-DQ1…………so I guess I do have sensitivities to Gluten.  

    As suggested I have gone completely Gluten Free/Paleo.  It’s only been since May 2nd and I can already feel some relief in my muscles, not as much fatigue, twitching has lessoned, still jittery from time to time, but I feel like I’m on to something.  

    When I started researching 2 years ago there wasn’t a lot of info for gluten issues with my symptoms so I just passed it off, my hope is that this post helps someone with similar symptoms find relief.  Thank-you Dr Osborne, if it wasn’t for you I would never have pressed on with Gluten Free.


    Peter Osborne

    Your welcome Jennifer!  Just keep moving forward and hang in there.  Keep us updated on how you respond.  Try to get a Spectracell test done through your doctor.  It should aid the recovery process for you.

    All the best,

    Dr. O

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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