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    Jackie Scarbrough

    I would just like to get responses on how to deal with family (not living in your household) who are in complete denial about needing to be gluten free.  I have watched the video about the effects of gluten on children, which is very good, and I forwarded to nearly everyone in my family.  But I am still having such a hard time dealing with my parents and getting through to my siblings.  I have had genetic testing that proves both of my parents have at least one gluten sensitive gene, and a very high likelihood that my siblings do as well.  Both parents at one point have admitted that they “probably need to be gluten free”, but then later denied having realized that fact.  I do believe they both suffer from brain damage, it is just so sad.  This is not to even mention more distant aunts, cousins etc who show obvious signs of gluten intolerance.  It is all considered “normal” in our family, when in fact it's NOT normal or healthy. 

    Also, both of my parents have this notion that we are “depriving” our children in some way (although they are completely healthy and happy) due to their dietary restrictions and feel the need to criticize and discuss this behind our backs.  I do not feel I can even let our kids be alone with their grandparents due to their resistance to the diet.   It is just so annoying and hurtful that they think they know better than we do what's best for our kids.  They are the ones who never realized I had issues my entire life, always brushing it off as variations of normal mainly due to the fact that many family members suffer in similar ways as I have: 

    “A lot of us are moody, short tempers run in the family”……….

    “Both your parents are small, so of course you're going to be skinny too”……..

    “We all have a lot of allergies, skin problems… were born with it” etc

    Somedays I just want to move far far away, to separate myself from it!  But then on the other hand I feel compelled to keep trying to educate them, to somehow “help” them from suffering further long term permanent damage caused by gluten, but usually it just feels like I'm talking to a brick wall.  I try not to overwhelm or overdo it.  Holidays, reunions, showers etc would just be so much easier if more family members were on board, maybe I'M being selfish.  Or maybe I'm just wasting my time and energy on them?  Thanks for your thoughts and support.

    Peter Osborne


    These are all very real issues that most gluten free house holds face.  I can completely understand where you are coming from.  You have to remember that your duty is to yourself and your children first.  

    Other family members are responsible for their own health.  All you can do is inform them of your situation and the potential for them to benefit from being gluten free.  If they don't accept this advice, it is their right.  You cannot let their health burden bring you down.  Your only obligation is to inform them.  

    If you feel like they are not trust worthy with your children, then do not let them sit for you.  If you stand your ground consistently, they will come to accept it even if they don't like it.  

    I would recommend that you watch the following video:



    It goes into the depth of this problem and what you can do.

    Stick to your guns.  You know in your heart what is right for you and your family.Smile

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