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    Hello everyone, I’m 30 and I was diagnosed with Hashimotos when I was 17. I’m tall and thin, and struggle with acne due to dairy (doesn’t show up for days but then doesn’t heal quickly), low libido, low hormones, low vitamins and minerals, low thyroid of course, low adrenal, low energy, low fertility.–and my labs are perfect on 120mg of Armour. This sucks. I also occasionally struggle with Reverse T3 syndrome. I have both celiac genes but have not been officially diagnosed with CD. I’m trying to stay away from all grains which is extremely difficult because I can’t work a full time job and make a fresh meal three times a day. The result is hypoglycemia because I live in a small town without access to fancy foods and stores and I can’t afford to blow my paycheck online all the time. But I’m trying. The worst part is, I feel fine short term. Food does not make me sick and frankly I am more regular when I eat grains. I don’t feel any different on a grain free diet (I’ve tried for 5 weeks recently and about 3 months before) than I do when I eat grains. The only difference is feel good in general from eating veggies, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated. I do request that no one add more discouraging info like “stay away from nuts, beans, and fruits to boot” because that will not help me. Those things are good for you and if I can’t eat those I’ll really starve. I’m already thin and I need calories from somewhere. It amazes me that some people want to cut out every food category and talk like there is anything left to eat. I also could use some positive information. I’m willing to do anything for my health–if it works. But right now I go in circles. Is there a list somewhere on the site of things we CAN eat, rather than what we CAN’T? Also, are there any positive stories that are encouraging? I try to focus on positive stuff rather than dwell on negative things like how bad everything is for you and how sick we can possibly get. I normally stay away from forums because they tend to be full of people venting about how sick they are and I only feel worse after reading them, so I’m looking for something uplifting. Thanks!!!

    Peter Osborne

    Hello Thychamp,
    Welcome to the forum. You might try going to the following link and watching some of the testimonials for encouragement:
    If you are struggling with RT3 issues, have your doctor perform a Spectracell test. ( Selenium deficiency is often linked to this problem. You will also want him/her to perform an iodine loading test. Iodine deficiency can also be a nutritional problem with thyroid disease.
    You are not regular because your thyroid is not functioning properly. The following link on thyroid and nutrition might be beneficial to you:
    Constipation is a common symptom of low thyroid. I would focus on continued liberal consumption of vegetables in your diet. As far as a list of what you can eat, try the recipe section of the forum. There are more than 300 species of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Video #13 under the Glutenology tab lists all of them.

    Thanks for your question!
    Dr. OSmile


    Wow, thank you! I did see the video testimonials, and I wondered what my improvement can look like since I’ve been on thyroid hormone replacement for 13 years. I figure that even on a gluten free diet I likely may have to stay on it since I’ve had this for so long.

    I do take selenium and it has helped lower my antibodies significantly. (from 1300 down to 186 on the peroxidase) I just last week started taking prolamine iodine, and yes my doctor found me deficient in magnesium, vitamin D, B12, ferritin, CoQ10, DHEA and testosterone and my nutritionist (homeopathic practitioner) said I’m deficient in Calcium as well. So I take all of those supplements right now, (except DHEA and test) plus adrenal support, B6 niacinimide, a heart supplement, vitamin F to help absorb the Vitamin D3, a multivitamin, a natural anti-fungal, two homeopathics for organ and emotional support and another for lymphatic drainage, digestive enzymes, maca powder for libido and endocrine support, and Terrain Factor with electrolytes and angstrom minerals to get water into my cells. It’s a lot of stuff. (Plus my thyroid medicine.) I do fine for a while with few supplements. After about 1-3 years, (it varies) I end up with everything in the tank again, and I go back to my homeopathic practitioner (who does bioenergy balancing) and I go through a few rounds of supplements and homeopathics like I am right now, then I do good for a while again, etc. So I’m wondering how the heck can I get off the natural merry-go-round too? Cause it’s really expensive and very stressful to schedule my day around when to take what supplement, on an empty or full stomach, apart from or with other supplements, etc, especially when I’m taking 20 things. Right now it costs me about $400 a month in addition to my medical expenses from my doctor who doesn’t accept insurance either.

    My husband and I are hoping that a grain free diet can be the answer to all my deficiencies so I don’t have to take all of these supplements. We want to know what the root is of all of these problems. Gluten makes the most sense and I love the video seminars. But what I’m discouraged about, is why don’t I feel much difference on a gluten free diet over three months? I wish it could be where I had pain or weight or bathroom problems that I could measure in the short term but I don’t, so it’s hard to know what is helping because I don’t have short term symptoms. I was hoping for my libido to respond but it is just stuck in low gear, and so are my ovaries which consistently cause me pain just on one side every month. I have the genes for celiac disease but I have no major intestinal issues, so it seems weird that my gluten genes are the ones for celiac but I have every symptom EXCEPT intestinal ones. Of course I realize I could still have damage and not feel it.

    Does anyone know about how Standard Process supplements rate in terms of gluten sensitivity? I have always done well on their supplements, but I just recently thought about how they are not gluten free. The one thing that has never responded to anything is my libido. Unless I supplement with DHEA (and then I get more acne) or maca powder (which tastes awful). So I don’t know if I should take those because I seem to respond to them, or stop taking them because they are not gluten free, and if I do that, what do I take in place of all that stuff? I love Standard Process because their supplements are whole-food.

    Is it really possible to go from being deficient in everything, to getting enough vitamins from a healthy first, grain free diet? My body seems to be so bogged down in general, and you wouldn’t know it to look at me except for my skin, it just shows up in all the subtle ways. I guess I’m hoping that a gluten free diet really can be powerful enough to improve my libido, increase fertility and decrease my likelihood of postpartum depression (I’m scared to death of getting that–I have no kids yet), increase my muscle tone (I look a tad bit like Gumbi with hips), increase my color, stop my RT3 cycles (they are crazy scary to go through) and give me energy for the mornings. How long can it take to see those kinds of results?

    So very sorry this got so long–maybe I’ll have to fly down to Town Center Wellness!Smile

    Jackie Scarbrough


    I can’t answer all your questions but I wanted to reply because I do relate to many of your issues (thin, moods, acne, non-digestive problems, terrible problem with mornings, low libido, living in a very small town etc). I am 35 although I have never been diagnosed with anything “thyroid” (I have had my suspicions though for quite some time)…my standard tests have always come back normal. Actually your post got me seriously thinking about requesting some of the specific tests Dr. O is recommending for you for the thyroid. The other thing for me is that I am always COLD, like freezing at times. Anyway I just wanted to throw a couple of things out there in response to a few things you commented on.

    First of all, “Perque” brand is wonderful for true gluten free vitamins. The only thing of theirs that I have checked on and do not take is the probiotic due to dairy. I take their multi, EPA/DHA, and bone guard. I also take Dr. O’s probiotic and digestive enzymes, along with B12 and vitD (I use the liquid). I had some testing done that showed I lacked enzymes and have to say of all the things I have taken those seem to have helped me tremendously in a relatively short period. This may not be your problem, but it could contribute to the deficiencies you’re mentioning (possibly malabsorption)??
    Second of all I take the maca powder too and regarding the taste, the best way I’ve found to disguise the taste is in a homeade cashew/coconut milk hot cocoa mixture. I put a small amount of honey in it too and it’s delish, I actually look forward to it. Just curious how much do you use? I’ve never been told exactly how much is effective, not sure if it’s helping me either. Third though, is your lack of intestinal issues and no real noticable difference on the grain free diet. I have been strictly grain free for almost two years now. I have to say for me it was a very gradual “noticing” of improvements. I do believe I still have some lingering issues but it was definately very gradual, unlike most of the testimonials (I know those make me so jealous too!). I would really encourage you to stick to being grain free, it is most definately bound to help in the long run. I am a true believer. And last, just an encouragment: with our many similarities I have to tell you I never really suffered PPD, so you may not (I have been blessed four times). Thanks for joining and your post!


    Thanks so much Jackie, your post is such a breath of fresh air! It’s nice to find someone with similar problems as me. We do seem a lot alike. 🙂 I wonder if we have the same blood type too? I’m O-. I have read that O blood types are more prone to thyroid issues. Don’t know if that’s true or not but I have found similarities with other O type people before. Yeah if you are that cold all the time, your thyroid is not working at optimal level that’s for sure. Doesn’t have to mean you need lifelong medicine; with Dr.s like Dr. O it seems like it can be avoided with proper treatment at the root of the problem. For me I’ve taken it for so long I don’t know that I have much choice now, but that’s okay. It’s the 20 other supplements that overwhelm me.

    I take a heaping tablespoon of the red maca powder every day in apple cider or water, if I have no cider in the house. I think it tastes like nicotine smells. I’ll try what you said, I do have both almond and coconut milk in the house. The results from that are sporadic. The very first day I took it my libido took off for the rest of the day. But then the days following are up and down. Some days I don’t feel different, and other days I feel spunky again. So I can tell overall it helps. I also thought I noticed small, very subtle changes in my mood and stamina. I found myself folding two baskets of laundry without even thinking about it. I just did it. I didn’t have to see the task, think about the task, move toward the task, and execute the task. I just did it. But subtle. I didn’t feel like going for a run–no energy to ‘burn,” but I didn’t drag either. I read online that it’s good to give yourself a break from maca either for a week out of the month, or a day out of the week, etc. That’s not hard for me cause I forget enough to take care of that without trying. One site said don’t take more than three teaspoons a day, but I’ve never gotten a formal professional opinion.

    Thanks for the recommended resources! I have always liked Standard Process but I really do think I need to switch if I’m going to give this thing a real shot. Everything for me is a subtle, long term thing too where results are concerned. But I guess I’m very thankful that I don’t have severe gut damage anyway–at least not that interrupts my life. But yeah I’m jealous too! How come I don’t feel better after three days? 🙂 I’ve gone three months thinking I don’t feel that different. But I’ve been getting gluten from other sources all along too. The sooner we stop the damage the better off we’ll be.

    Thanks again, your post was very encouraging! 🙂


    Thychamp, like Jackie, I can’t answer all your questions, but I did want to make a couple of comments as your story is very similar to mine. Fortunately, though, I had resolving asthma symptoms as my “short-term” marker that the grain-free/dairy-free diet was working for me. What did not get better right away, though, were the fatigue and the endocrine issues. In fact, I’m still working on them…. (18 months on the diet). One thing I’ve learned from my research is that you have to treat the adrenals first. Without functioning adrenals, all the other sex hormones down the biochemical pathways are compromised.

    Two interventions in my case have made a huge difference in how I feel. The first was Vitamin A supplementation which helped with the skin issues. The second was high-dose Vitamin C. I have never had a more positive reaction to anything I have tried than I had with Vitamin C. You can find out the dose you need by doing a Vitamin C Flush ( I started out needing 25 tsp. of Vitamin C per day, but have now reduced that to 3 tsp. I felt like I was on an adrenaline rush when I took the Vitamin C, and I could judge that I needed to reduce the dose when I started not being able to sleep! Vitamin C and B-5 are two of the vitamins needed for proper adrenal functioning. It may be worth a try for you.

    Btw, you don’t have to fly down to Sugar Land. Dr. Osborne will “see” you by phone.

    Good luck.

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