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    Hi, my name is Linda.
    I grew up in a predominantly primal household, with 95% of our protein coming from wild game and fish. It’s taken me years to develop a taste for beef. The entire family hunted so our freezers were full with venison, pig, quail, turkey, etc … and it was commonplace for me to come home with a squirrel or two, or an armadillo during the non-deer season months. Our veggies were from our garden and my Mother seldom bought boxed or canned foods. I didn’t have a lot of health issues then, just occasional things like a mild cold, etc.

    The SAD (standard American diet) eventually made its way into my life and burgers, nachos, and beer became prevalent partners in the food chain that was choking the life out of me. I’ve always had an intense interest in healthy eating, but I often got side-tracked with whatever the current nutrition theories held (bizarre diets included). At one point when the unbearable stomach cramps and all too frequent races to the bathroom became too much to deal with, I stopped eating meat … and became an overnight vegetarian. Within a few months, I was a vegan and for two months, I went totally raw. I was certain that I had developed an allergy to meat. The stomach problems did not end with the meat abstinence, it continued with a vengeance and at the time I had no clue why. And then there was the FACT that all I wanted was some fresh venison, or buffalo or even some chicken. I WANTED, I NEEDED MEAT … so, being a vegetarian was never a great option for me and it stopped pretty quickly.

    In the early 90’s I started doing a natural gall bladder cleanse (recommended by a Naturopath in Austin) – thinking that it would take care of the digestive issues and pain that I was dealing with. It helped some, but didn’t solve the problem. In 1999, I had to have gall bladder surgery. It was not my plan to do that, but more of a last resort. It was damaged to the point that it was near bursting when I went in for surgery. At the time, I had no clue that the gall bladder could be affected by gluten … granted at the time I had no idea that gluten was doing its level best to destroy me.

    I had extensive testing in 2010 and had to give up all gluten and dairy, as well as a long listing (20+) of allergen reactive foods. Prior to that I eliminated fast foods, sugar, all sodas, and almost all processed foods. I readily admit to still buying some canned foods, but it is limited to things like Hearts of Palm and olives that I like in a salad. I have developed a taste for beef (grass-fed), although I still contend that it tastes rather gamey. Sadly it’s pretty difficult to budget in grass-fed meats right now.

    For several years I was working out a lot, lifting heavy, doing super-sets with heavy weight, etc. but I was not seeing any significant changes. I switched up my workouts and dropped the heavy lifting and although I am feeling better now, my energy levels are still lower than what they should be.

    After I transitioned to a gluten-free, then, full Paleo way of eating, I had a time period when I was feeling pretty good, although I was still having issues with digestion. My initial tests included checks on vitamin and mineral depletion and I am still supplementing Vitamin D. I have had a few lapses, primarily when eating something I had not made, or with hidden ingredients (not always with food).

    Initially I thought that all of this would ease up, the extra weight would be gone, my sleep would be better, allergies and sinus problems would clear up, I would be able to get off the Nature-Throid and the bio-identical hormones that I was put on in 2010, my digestion would improve and I wouldn’t have the races to the bathroom practically every time I ate, my Chiro adjustments would actually hold longer than a few days, the joint pain would dissipate, my moods would level out, I would have energy again, the strange food cravings would end (usually it’s celery, sometimes I can’t get enough raw mustard greens, sometimes it’s Lacinato kale, and occasionally, strangely enough, anything sweet – which is rather weird for me.) basically I thought I would feel normal again. Two years and counting and I’m not there yet ….

    It’s been beyond frustrating and there is no doubt in my mind that I am missing a key element in staying truly gluten-free. It was rather shocking to me to see corn included in the gluten listings. Although I had not eaten corn very often, it did come into play a few times, and looking back now I remember feeling pretty awful after eating any.

    I came across this site unexpectedly, however I do contend that I was in the right place at the right time to make more changes. I’m looking forward to really refining things and feeling better !

    Peter Osborne

    Hi Linda,

    Welcome to the forum!  Thanks for elaborating on your history.  Keep us informed of your progress, successes, and failures.

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile

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