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    Last evening something felt a little change on my rear- end -cheek. I looked in order to see three huge red welts on my bottom. Over another hour the number of welts increased to four. This morning the welts were” gone,” but it looked rather like bright red sandpaper on that “cheek”. The area is about the size and shape of the palm of my hand. It doesn’t itch much, but it does if I accidentally rub against it. I noticed one big scratch accross the top of the area. The rash reminds me of the exzema I use to get, only I never got that there. I also have generalized itching and some swelling on my body and one strip of itch on my neck. The neck has been a problem off and on with itching ever since an age spot fell off there. I think my chiro said the neck was DH. It is so small it isn’t a problem much. I am not sure if the current problem is DH or not, but I am concerned that I am in for it.

    I am afraid to put anything on it, because I react recently to practically anything I put on my skin. That includes peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil.. . I could rotate them like I am doing in my diet.? For now, I have perhaps a mild burning or stinging sensation. I don’t have to do anything at all. If it gets uncomfortable perhaps I can try some things but keep alternating them.. Perhaps, though, ice would be the least likely to cause further flare ups. I would also be afraid to try any drugs because I have had negative reactions to any and all drugs that I have tried to use for anything for years.

    Othere possibly relevant information I had recently eaten some buckwheat that was ground on the same equipment as wheat and corn. Both of these are a problem for me. I began a food diary with a rotational diet a week or so ago, but am finding it hard to get organised. Still I feel clear headed and more energetic. I am wondering if this rash is further clean out or from the cross contamination I got.

    I reacted last Saturday night to eating a dinner which contained chicken, fennel bulb, almond milk, arrowroot powder, and spices. I suspect the arrowroot powder or spices. I reacted by having swollen thighs and tummy swelling. My husband also noticed my cheeks looked bright red.

    Well, didn’t I want to have something somebody could atleast see I had? My husband was suitably impressed with my rash. Thankfully, no one else will need to see it. Oh, except my chiro may want to try to classify it.



    The MD thought it was an allergic reaction or bug bite. Well, I live in MN. There are very few bugs this time of year.

    I am thinking something is detoxing after starting the rotational diet. I recall a simalar rash when I began taking supplements 5 years back. Thankfully, that rash went away and the current rash seems to be doing the same.


    I am glad to report the rash stopped itching and I can no longer see it!

    Peter Osborne

    Fabulous!  Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile

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