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    Kevin Baker

    Greetings, all.

    My name is Kevin Baker. I am local President of the Celiac Disease Foundation chapter in Lexington, KY. I also suffer from several health issues that are celiac-related, such as osteoporosis, that have continued in spite of being on a very careful GF diet since 2003. So, I am trying the grain free diet.

    While I respect and appreciate Dr. Osborne’s reasons for discouraging the use of baked breads as a staple food, I don’t believe those reasons always apply. E.g., not all flours contain preservatives or added ingredients, and there are also some very nutritious flours out there, such as the bean flours and nut flours. So, if it’s organic and nutritious, why not?

    That said, I am new to this diet, and wondered if someone could point the way to some RETAIL grain free breads, as I stay pretty busy and would prefer not to have to bake my own.


    Against The Grain is a company in Vermont. Their products are all grain-free and a couple of them are dairy-free. They make baquettes, rolls, bagels, and pizza which are all fabulous! They are not organic, but it appears from their website that they are the next best thing to organic. Their products are carried in many health-food stores, Whole Foods, etc. Unfortunately, you cannot order their products on-line.


    You can also try paleo bread. Go to www paleobread com. I typed it that way so you could make out the web address since the forum doesn’t recognize links.

    Rita Bray

    Hi Kevin

    Glad that you found this forum.

    Have you watched the tutorials? Have you been tested for other intolerances? Beacause our guts are compromised by the years of gluten sensitivity, other things in the baked goods can cause sypmtoms. In my case, coconut is a trigger and yet there are alot of recipes and products that use coconut as a substitute for grain.

    The company mentioned before is


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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