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    Leslie Wertz

    After years of feeling miserable, I was finally diagnosed in 99 with Celiac. Though I’ve lived ‘gluten free’ since, my systems have returned over the past few months. I just found you’re site and am thrilled to have so much information at my fingertips. I’ve learned the hard way that ‘gluten free’ does not always mean ‘gluten free’. Though it’s nerve wracking to read the information on Corn gluten, I am eager to get my brain wrapped around my new lifestyle changes.
    — Leslie, Houston TX


    My wife and I seem to get symptoms fairly quick if we are “glutened” and we avoid what makes us sick. However, it is easy to see from the reports from Dr. O that even smaller amounts of gluten from wheat and prolamins and lectins from other grains and soybeans will cause health damage over time. It is very hard to eliminate most all processed food and even going with fruits and veggies and meat still leaves the contamination issues from the animal feed to the poisons sprayed onto all our produce to kill bugs and weeds. I just read an article where the old GMO seed ability to easily take small amounts of Roundup poison to kill weeds is losing its effect. Farmers are now spraying a lot more poison and trying new chemicals that may cause us even more health diseases if we eat their food. I am reading where potatoes and other tubers absorb bad things like arsenic that is in the soil and many foods including “baby food” has an elevated level of toxins. Strange how they never mention health of the consumer, just how much crop they can make at the cheapest cost? Try buying as much local/poison free fruits and veggies as possible and get local meat that is grass fed. Then try to eliminate all processed foods too. The processors always claim that our Gov’t is comfortable with the “small” amounts of toxins they put in our food but I’ve never in my life run into wealthty and/or professional citizens buying their family food in one of our grocery stores. Seems that wealth has allowed them to feed their families on the highest quality and least poisoned foods from alternative sources. After advising my sister of our “genetic” problems with gluten/grains/soy she had a serious talk with her Doctor who told her it wouldn’t hurt to try the GF diet and that she always fed her family “certified organic” and GF foods but didn’t talk about it unless asked so her patients wouldn’t think she was crazy……..IT’S JUST FOOD!!!

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome to the group Leslie! Let us know how you do getting off of corn.
    All the best,
    Dr. OSmile

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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