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    Good morning. My name is Beth and I have just sent in my DNA test to see if I’m gluten sensitive. I also just had blood test from Doctor to test for Celiac. I don’t have the celiac symptoms but have had RA for 17 years and the last 2 years have had chronic pericarditis (inflammation around heart sac) and stage 3 kidney failure called IGA nephropathy (also an auto immune response) Been trying for years to find answers and so far the medical community has failed to give anything but medication for symptoms. I have taken gluten (loosely) out of my diet for last 3 years and feel some better. That’s why I have taken the test.. Question….how many people test positive with the DNA test? What percentage of population probably have gluten sensitivity? I am hoping SO much that my test is negative!!!

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome, Elizabeth!

    Thank you for sharing your health journey with us. Have you read Dr. Osborne’s No Grain, No Pain book? It has become a valuable resource and a form of encouragement for many people. The majority of the population has a degree of gluten sensitivity. Since you have taken gluten (loosely) out of your diet and have felt better; this could indicate that you have a sensitivity to gluten. As for testing positive for the gene, we cannot change our DNA, but we can make lifestyle changes in order to lessen our symptoms.

    Dr. Osborne has 15 years of clinical expertise, and is a gifted communicator and educator. He has helped people all over the world. He can discern the root cause of your problem and eliminate the guesswork. Be sure to read his book while you wait for your DNA test results.

    All the best,

    Nutritionist for Dr. Osborne

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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