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    Hello! My family and I are new to Gluten Free Society. Could you tell me where I can find a list of true gluten free foods and recipes on the site? When I go to recipes it only references a cookbook to buy. I have 3 children and would like to get them excited about the nutritious, tasty foods they CAN eat so they aren’t focusing on what they cannot. Thank you!

    Martha SwiftMartha

    There is a section in this Forum for True Gluten Free recipes. You can also find many at
    Good luck!


    Thank you so much, Martha! I don’t know how I missed that! Appreciate you responding! : )

    Lori Quandtfarmwife67

    Mary, I also do a lot of googling, you can google paleo recipes, grain free recipes. I have just started using and I am finding some good recipe’s there too. I found an orange chicken recipe your kids might like just today. It was awesome, if they like sweet and sour chicken they would probably like it. I will post it.
    Best wishes,

    Martha SwiftMartha

    I see website links are no longer posting… The end of my sentence above was a link to Elana’s Pantry. She also has a cookbook called “The Almond Flour Cookbook.” I think she is one of the best sources for people starting out on the grain-free diet. Her recipes are kid-friendly and mimic “regular” food more than any others I’ve seen.

    Rita BrayRita Bray

    There are several tutorials listed under Glutenology that are very helpful in answering your questions on setting up you kitchen to be gluten free. Also what to eat.

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