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    Can anyone recommend a doctor in the Dallas area who can help me with my intestinal health issues?

    For the past 10 years I have had bouts of nasty sulfur burps that lead to bloating and diarrhea.  Nothing will stop the diarrhea except for Flagyl.  The day before I have these episodes, I crave cheese and wine, so sounds like yeast right?  Well, nystatin doesn't work, only Flagyl, which is an antibiotic.  So I am confused as to what to do next.  It's like my entire GI tract becomes paralyzed and stuff just festers there.  I have been a type 1 diabetic for 26 years, however I am in very good control and I get “attacks” of my GI tract, not an ongoing gastroporesis.


    Your help is greatly appreciated.


    I don't know anything about Doctors in Texas, but if your heart is telling you it is yeast, it isn't going to hurt anything to start the candida diet.  If you need help with that the website has a diet called the phase 1 diet.  It is the candida diet.  He also recommends different supplements that kill yeast.  It isn't going to hurt you to try.  I would also try a probiotic.  Just something I have found helpful. Goodluck, I know how hard it is to find a good Dr.  I found mine through a friend and am sooooo thankful for him.  Also, my Doctor is called a functional medicine Dr. maybe you could do a google search for that.  Keep asking everyone you know, ask at health food stores, sometimes they know more that anyone.  If you have any questions ask away that's what we are here for to support you!



    Thanks Lori-

    I have heard of Doug Kaufman, s I will check it out.  I have been on every yeast fighting supplement and I am almost positive what I experience is a bacterial overgrowth of my intestines.  I do have probiotics, but they won't do much good unless I know what my gut is deficient in and get the proper probiotic to replace it.  And I do have an integrative med doc and he is really hard to get in to see – he mainly treats cancer patients and since I am not a cancer patient, I get last priority.

    I have tried all of these special diets, supplements, etc and I still have the nasty flagyl gut issues and terrible thick phlegm and a wet cough all the time.  I am on my last string and about to just give up and realize I need to take an antibiotic fofr the rest of my life.  I thought some physicians were on this board so I was hoping I would get more response.

    I just don't know what to do next.  I feel very helpless and hopeless right now.

    Peter Osborne

    Have a doctor run a Metametrix GIFX test on you.  This test is a DNA probe that identifies abnormal parasites, yeast, bacteria etc.  It is very accurate, and I have had excellent success using it with patients.


    In good health,

    Dr. O

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