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    Peter Osborne

    The lasagna recipe that Ariella posted sounds really good, I will try it very soon…thank you Ariella!  I am just really getting burnt out on plain chicken or beef, potato, and veggies; finding myself tempted (have not caved in thoughSurprised). 

    I feel like I need to be bombarded with new ideas for a good sized family meals (to serve at least six, but leftovers are always appreciated).  Also, any quick lunch ideas to replace PBJ sandwiches OR, as Lori asked, breakfast ideas for kids to replace the cereal? (no eggs) Is quinoa OK, I’ve never used it but I’m thinking it’s considered a grain and I probably should not buy it?

    PS: Not sure if I’m doing something wrong but I’m not able to access Eating Gluten Free on the Road?

    Peter Osborne


    The video will be up today.  There are currently two other videos being produced as well.  Videos #11 and 15 are in their final stages and should be available in about a week.  Additionally, make sure to check the dashboard often.  We have several bonus interviews that we are preparing for members!


    Quinoa is not a grain.  If you use it, make sure that the source is dedicated gluten free.  We will be posting some new lab tested items on the food source page soon.  

    Breakfast – sausage with fruit and nuts is popular for children.  You can mix almond milk with ground organic flax for a cereal substitute.  

    Chicken or tuna salad with plantain chips are a good lunch alternative.

    Glutenology – the cookbook will be out in late June.

    All the best,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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