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    Tammy Barney

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m new here and would like a meatloaf recipe. Or really I need a replacement for the breadcrumbs.

    Thanks much for any help. Cool

    Jackie Scarbrough

    Hi Tammy. I would suggest almond flour instead of bread crumbs. I use Elana Amsterdam’s meatloaf recipe from her Almond Flour Cookbook, it also has shredded zucchini, not sure how that plays into it but I’m sure it has some purpose. The recipe calls for turkey but I always use beef. I have also subbed hazelnut flour for the almond flour, applesauce in for eggs, and omitted tomatoes and it’s been good every time, so it’s very versatile.

    Tammy Barney

    Thanks, I’ll have to try that. Laugh


    I second that suggestion. I also found Elena’s cookbooks and here recipes are beautiful and so far very good. You can get her Almond Flour cookbook on Amazon for about $9! She also has a gluten-free cupcakes book that uses almond and coconut flour. Her main almond flour cookbook has resources in the front about the ingredients she uses and where you can find them. I tried her almond flour pancakes and they were very good.


    If you can have eggs? I have free range eggs I am ok with them they are good for replacing the bread that’s called in meatloaf. I make it all the time in fact tonight. I use grass-fed beef and I add salsa to it and other fresh herbs and seasonings, organic free-range eggs and it’s very good. My husband loves it.


    A recipe that I make that is similar to meatloaf is for stuffed peppers, but it could work for you too. I substitute cauliflower for the rice. I just shave off pieces of the cauliflower so they are very small. It works great. I don’t use any nut flours but do use eggs. Then I add other vegetables – onions, mushrooms, celery, etc.

    Kevin Baker

    Dr. Osborne himself suggests mashed potatoes as a substitute for bread crumbs. I used 1 cup instant mashed potatoes in a recipe that uses 2 pounds of beef. The mashed potatoes will soak up some of the flavor from your spices, so you might want to either use less mashed potatoes, or increase your spice amounts a little bit. By the way, I also use smoked paprika and chili pepper in my recipe. Oh, yeah!! Adding some of your favorite BBQ sauce is not a bad idea, either.

    Rita Bray

    If you use mashed potatoes, make them yourself. Made from scratch means no preservatives, which interfer with the
    healing of your gut.


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