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    Does anyone here have experience with NAET? I just started seeing an acupuncturist this morning. He “treated” me for wheat. He said, “Don't eat wheat for 48 hours.” I informed him that I will not be eating wheat after 48 hours either! (I've been traditional GF for 3 years now). However, I went to see him because my original gluten issues are coming back (on a tradiational diet) and I've gone completely grain free as of this week. I wanted to pursue acupuncture because my tension and headaches are just unbearable and I have no idea how long it will take for the affects of grain to wear off on my body.


    My cousin has been sucessfully treated with NAET but I still cannot believe it. I just looked on the website and they are gathering participants for a specific study in celiac disease. Many people with celiac disease have been able to eat grains again according to testimonials, but they are putting together the study so that the results can be considered scientific and not merely anecdotal, I suppose.


    I can't imagine food not being the driving factor of my day and being able to eat what someone else serves me. I want to hope. He told me there are no guarantees but he would like to give me hope because he has seen many many patients healed of their sensitivies. Check out for more info and if you want to participate in the study.



    Yes, I've had experience with NAET.  A little over a year ago, I was as desparate as you sound.  It seemed I was reacting to everything I ate (headaches, asthma, GI symptoms as well as a host of other things).  I had been tested several times for food sensitivities (Alcat and Immunolabs) and had been following all kinds of rotating diets without success.  Interestingly, I have always tested negative for gluten sensitivity by antibody tests and small bowel biopsy.  When I saw the NAET practitioner, I was limited to Metagenics “medical foods” and a few vegetables (alas, the “medical food” is all rice-based!).  I tried NAET on the recommendation of a friend who had had some success although it didn't last for her.

    When I first saw the NAET practitioner, I noticed that my stomach was calmer, but not much else.  I was, however, able to reintroduce a wide variety of foods as long as I continued to be treated.  I never was symptom-free, though.  I continued with asthma symptoms and headaches.  I stopped treatment in the summer as we traveled to New York, and all my symtoms came back within a matter of weeks.  So, bottom line is that it didn't last for me – a similar result that the friend who suggested it also experienced.

    I've now been grain and dairy-free for about 2 months and I'm feeling as well as I have in years.  The headaches are gone, and I've been able to stop my steroid inhaler.  I hope you have similar good results with your grain-free diet!


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