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    Hi Dr O,

    I was just watching one of your latest videos and you mentioned that Max Digest contains something that helps you break down gluten if you get accidentally glutened. Can you please point me to which ingredient that is, or did you just mean proteases, please? I only ask because here in the UK, enzymes taken for that reason contain glutenase and/or DDP IV and I can’t see those in Max Digest.

    Also, neither I nor many of my patients can take enzymes or bromelain etc because they are produced by fermentation and the substrate used to ferment them is usually corn. Even though none of the substrate is meant to be left in the finished product, it seems to be enough to set people off. I assume Max Digest isn’t which would be fab – can you confirm what they are fermented on please so I can advise patients and get some myself!?

    Thanks. Fab video :)

    Peter Osborne

    Hi Micki,

    You are welcome.  Max Digest is completely corn free, but I am currently redesigning it to remove Bromelain (as many have requested a pineapple free variety).  The redesign will also contain a heavy dose of DDP IV.  I should have them available within a couple of weeks.  You can contact Casey to stay updated :)

    Thanks for helping spread TRUE gluten free across the sea!!

    All the best,

    Dr. O


    Sound great. What is the fermentation substrate then pls so I have allergy info for my patients and can check if suitable for me too as I have multiple intolerance myself :( ? Ta.


    My body definatly doesn’t like fermentation, I wonder if the corn base might be why?


    Any fermentation needs a sugar form and most often in supplements that seems to be corn. It’s why I and many of my patients have trouble with supplements as many are made using fermentation techniques. We’ve found enzymes to be the hardest to take which is a shame as i would bet everyone of us needs them! 

    Any news on the substrate in this one pls, Dr O?

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