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    Diane Zides

    Dr. Mercola had a recent article about magnesium stearate, a chaulky filler in most vitamins, being found to produce a bio film in the gut that blocks all nutrients from food and vitamins so they aren’t absorbed. He’s always been in favor of getting your nutrients from food over supplements if possible. This latest study supports that belief. A switch to liquid vitamins would eliminate this problem since they don’t contain magnesium stearate.

    Has anyone out there read this? I’d like to know Dr. O’s opinion. If it proves to be true, taking vitamins other then in liquid form, would be totally counter productive, and delay, if not make healing, impossible. The other issue is cross contamination of gluten in vitamins, so gluten intolerant people would be getting a ” double whammy” from gluten and magnesium stearate inhibiting gut function.

    I might have had gastritis and didn’t know it, so my vitamins were making me nauseous from the start. I stopped taking them when the gastritis got bad enough for me to realize I had it, and I’m feeling better now that it’s about gone. I just started taking a multivitamin and magnesium supplement again before trying the rest of them. So far no nausea. I’d hate to find out I’m wasting my time and money with supplements that are working against me if magnesium stearate and gluten cross contamination is hurting me.

    Anthony Rao

    Here’s the article from



    Here’s the comment:

    “Aside from the issue of synthetic versus whole is the issue of what is added to your supplement aside from the active ingredient. Many supplement makers are adding flowing agents into their capsules, such as magnesium stearate. Previous research has shown that magnesium stearate suppresses your natural killer cells, which are a key component of your immune system.

    Magnesium stearate is much like a chalk filler that stimulates your gut to form a biofilm — a sort of sludge lining — that acts as an effective barrier to the absorption of not only that particular vitamin but ALL the nutrients you’d normally get from food sources as well!”


    My reply to Diane~

    Diane, I hope you are able to continue to improve your situation. And many people end up tossing out supps and vitamins because we read how 1 or more ingredients in those are defeating the purpose. Nothing ventured, nothing gained though, right?


    I just tossed out about $180 worth of vitamins and minerals because they have rice flour, magnesium stearate, etc in them. Why on earth would they put rice flour in an encapsulated enzyme? I guess I’ll make my own fermented veggies to get my flora and a nice side-dish too.


    Also, thanks for the tip. I bought some Krill Oil caps from Dr. Mercola today.


    Best in health!Wink

    Peter Osborne

    In my experience, magnesium stearate has rarely ever posed a problem.

    You might find this article on the other side of the spectrum interesting:


    All the best,

    Dr. O

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