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    Hello! My name is Crystal.  I have been gf for about 2 years, dairy free for 1 1/2, and off/on completely starch free.  All of this started for us with trying to conceive.  My first pregnancy occured when I went on an allergen free diet.  I was told by my chiropractor/nutritionist not to add any foods back to my diet, but I didn't realize all the places allergens hide, and I miscarried at 8-9 weeks after having 2 very positive u/s with strong heartbeats.  This occured on a day that I unknowingly had ALOT of gluten (I didn't know that if you ate soup, but didn't eat the noodles in the soup, that you were still contaminating yourself!).  Shortly thereafter I found I couldn't tolerate wheat at all!  A few months later I went back on a starch free/dairy free diet after conceiving only to have an ectopic pregnancy.  At this time I was told to start researching gluten.  I did so and eliminated it from my diet and notice a drastic improvement in how I felt.  I was in a car accident 3 yrs prior to this and suffered greatly from back pain where I sprained my back in 9 places.  Even though I was told I had “healed” my pain was constant, I was told by doctor that if things didn't change I'd end up with fibromyalgia soon(I was 26).  Within a month of going gluten free my pain was gone and I was running and moving pain free! I also lost a lot of weight!  (I'm currently down 80 lbs from my heaviest point).  The more I researched the more I became convinced I was gluten intolerant as was most of my family (I won't go into details, but my mothers' story is an amazing one that really should be studied more (she has over 60+ of the gluten symptoms/diseases; her docs are still baffled even after almost complete reversal after being off gluten for 6 wks, and then regressing since going back on it!) My husband went gluten free with me as well and has shown improvement.  After being off gluten for 3 months my husband starting having a bad reaction to dairy (he'd feel like he was going to pass out and had massive pressure in his head that he couldn't relieve).  I had been told that going dairy free was best for me since I was trying to get pregnant so I did as well (never did tolerate milk well).  Then last fall, after a very stressful time with my mom (I also got a nasty sinus infection (that didn't respond to antibiotics) after being with her in the hospital for 4 days, and a yeast infection that lasted for a month as a result of the antibiotics (I treated with probiotics and got rid of the sinus infection with a potent natural , I started having a lot of the old gluten symptoms back though I wasn't eating any.  I was fatigued, bloated, achy (though not like I used to be) and just plain felt yucky.  I went back off of all starches after Thanksgiving (including starchy veggies, and all grains).  I became pregnant again at the end of December.  Everything seemed to be running smoothly with this one until I went for an ultrasound at 11 weeks and the baby had no heartbeat, they said it stopped around 8 weeks.  I carried until 14 weeks when I miscarried.  A few weeks later I started eating starches again. I promptly gained 10 lbs (I lost close to 20 while pregnant, which has been typical during all pg).  I began feeling fatigued and “off” again.  Since finding out more about the gluten in “gluten free” grains, I have since tried to cut grains out of my diet.  I'm having a difficult time figuring out though if this should include starchy veggies (like potatoes, sweet potatoes etc) for me or not.  My husband is also starting to notice after being off the grains for a while that he is not feeling as good when he has foods that contain rice and corn. So I'm here with lots of questions. 



    Crystal, welcome to the forum! I know you will find lots of help, info and friends here. I'm so sorry for your loss of the 3 pregnancies. Hopefully your 3 are keeping the baby i miscarried company until we get to meet them up in heaven. Sounds like you are in the middle of a gluten whiplash Dr. Osborne talks about. Have you watched all the videos on You Tube? There's the “Glutenology” Channel and the “DocOsborne” channel. Wealth of info there. Milk can definitely be problematic due to the milk protein casein even if one is not lactose intolerant. Also what the cow eats gets into the milk so if the cow is fed grain instead of being grass fed….same goes for the meat. You are not only what you eat but whatever you eat ate! Don't chew it's cud. Eat only grass fed, free range etc.

    Doesn't surprise me at all that your hubby is more sensitive now. Seems like lots of us react quicker and more severely to accidental glutenings the longer we are gluten free. Seems like now that our bodies are working more smoothly they sound the alarm quite loudly when they recognize a virulent foreign intruder they finally got rid of and don't want to see around again! My grandson actually thows up if he gets glutened now. This did not happen when he was “gluten-full”. Also sounds like you would benefit from the test for other delayed food allergies just in case there are other foods playing a part in tandem with the gluten. Hang in there! And keep researching! If you are in the Houston area come to the meeting next Sat. I'll be there, love to meet my fellow gluten free warriors! 

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