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    If you're dairy free, what do you think of lactose free milk? 



    Jackie Scarbrough

    I do not drink it because lactose free doesn't mean it's casein free.  I'm pretty sure casein (the protein) is what most of us can't tolerate.  There may be exceptions, but that's what I understand anyway. 

    Peter Osborne

    You also have the issue of gluten in the milk.  Cows are fed grain.  We know that gluten can pass into breast milk in humans.  We haven't studied cows but I would recommend caution with any non grass fed dairy for this reason.  I have had several patients not tolerate regular milk, but tolerate grass fed milk just fine.


    I use coconut milk or almond milk.  I won't try lactose free milk because cows are still grain fed and that goes into the milk. My doctor told me, too, that it is not uncommon for people as they get older to stop being able to produce the enzymes in our bodies that break down milk as well. Many become lactose intolerant as we age, as I did. Anyhow, coconut milk and almond milk are great in recipes instead!


    why not try making your own nut milk? easy and packed full of nutrition. 🙂


    You can still buy raw milk from your local farmers in certaiin states like Oregon and just grass fed too.  I been researching a lot of avenues since finding this website and learning what Dr. O has to say.  Meat too from some local farmers that are only grass fed.  I found a lot of the cows are fed soybean and grain-corn and that is not good so it's about knowing our sources!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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