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    I just purchased an 11.5 lb organic free range turkey for $45.00. When I first looked at that price, I thought, “wow that is a lot.” Well I roasted the turkey last night and we ate dinner (just my husband and I so we don't eat much at a meal), had it for lunch today. Today I took the meat off the bones and made 9 quarts of turkey broth(If I would have had a bigger pot, you probably could get more than 9 quarts) and canned them so I will have them later when I want to make soup.  I am making turkey white chili tomorrow for dinner for my extended family. 

    I looked up the price of organic “chicken” (because I couldn't find turkey) broth. If you buy it in bulk on Amazon, it is 3.52  per quart, times that by the 9 quarts I canned and the broth alone would have cost me 31.68.  That leaves $13.32 for the meat I really don't think that is too bad.  If you don't know how or don't like to can you could do the same thing by freezing the broth.

    It was a little bit of work, but soooooo worth to eat healthy. I also try to make a big batch of everything I make for meals and freeze the extra.  With my husband and I we get many meals ahead that way, but if you have a big family you could at least get 1 more meal.

    Just thought I would post this for everyone, have a GREAT day!


    Kathryn Barry

    Wow Lori!  Thank you for posting that!!  I do struggle with spending that much sometimes, but that really made a lot of

    sense!  I never thought of canning broth either.  Anyway, you are absolutley right!  Thanks!


    Glad it helped, I also didn't mention the health benefit that I KNOW is saving me money on health care and drugs. I used to pop advil like it was candy!

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