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    Hi everyone!

    I’ve FINALLY joined GFS!  I have been gluten free since May 2010.  I am learning to be TRUE gluten free.  I was diagnosed with Celiac in October 2010.  At first I was doing the prepackaged g-free food like all of us probably did.  But as time has gone on, I have evolved and I want to go all the way! 

    I am trying but I have so little time.  After work, I run home and ‘try’ to cook meals for my family.  My in-laws moved in with us in October and this has slowed my progress due to some of their food restrictions as well as their not liking or being willing to try certain foods.  I NEED HELP!  I spend my nights and weekends researching recipes, making shopping lists, shopping, and then preparing my lunches for the week (trying to do two weeks now if possible) as well as meals for Monday and Tuesday. 

    Our menu is something like this:  On Monday & Tuesday, I will prepare an entrée (usually prepared on Sunday) and a vegetable.  My mother-in-law also prepare mashed potatoes for everyone else.  Wednesday is their fast food day.  I will eat Boar’s Head deli meat or extras from something I’ve prepared for lunches.  Thursday is a day for me to come up with something easy like BLT’s (with bread for my husband and his parents and I make a lettuce wrap out of mine).  Friday is usually baked potato day.  They get theirs loaded and I use Smart Balance and bacon.  I know some say don’t eat potatoes and some say they are okay.  Thoughts??? …and reasons please.  They usually have frozen pizza on Saturday while I eat something like I do on Wednesday.  Sundays are up in the air.  Sometimes we eat out (I have a very hard time trusting ANY restaurant because most don’t clean grills properly, may unknowingly use gluten containing seasonings, or they just don’t know what gluten free is to begin with … so this causes a lot of stress!) and sometimes they eat out and I will again eat as I do on Wednesday and Saturday.

    I really need some ideas for easy meals to prepare ahead for my lunches as well as ideas for the week.  My husband is pretty flexible.  My in-laws are in their 70’s and don’t want to try new things.  My mother-in-law would help if she knew what and how to make it.  She is an excellent cook but doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about gluten free eating or cooking.  She would learn but it’s hard for her to understand considering we live in the South and well, you know how we learn to cook and eat down here.  J

    There is a lot I need to learn.  And I will have many questions.  I will read more and find the appropriate place to post my many questions.  Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


    I would worry about the lunch meat, even though they say gluten free,  I would almost bet they have other “grain” fillers in them. I looked on their website and they don't list ingredients but they gave a number you could call to get a list. I eat NO processed lunch meat. I think potatoes are ok if you aren't trying to lose weight, they will kill a weight loss program. I would also read the label on your smart balance, it probably has soy it in. I would say grass fed butter would be a better way to go for that. I would also check the label on your bacon, there are good bacon choices out there, US has bacon that is safe. It seems like corn syrup is in everything.

    I looked at my menu list (I have added more recently, will try and remember them)

    BBQ beef

    ” Chicken (on the grill usuually

    baked chicken

    beef stew

    vegetable beef soup

    bulgogi (recipe on here very good!)

    chicken/or turkey soup

    roasted turkey

    chicken strips/nuggets or whole breasts – I dip them in egg yolk and then bread in a mixture of almondflour with salt, garlic, pepper etc)


    white chili

    chili dogs (day after chili day) I buy applegate hotdogs, if you can't find them local

    hot dogs and beans (I am trying to perfect a baked bean recipe, just keep looking up recipes and trying to perfect)

    pork roast 

    pot roast

    salmon filets (I like to bread those with almond flour too)

    salmon patties ( i use almond flour instead of cracker crumbs and salt and pepper and egg)

    short ribs

    sloppy joes (still trying to get a super good recipe for that too)

    spaghetti (I use spaghetti squash, black bean spaghetti or mung bean noodles for the spaghetti)


    sweet and sour chicken (I use sugar free jams and or pineapple (fresh), just look up recipes online and try to adapt with the jams and pineapple instead of sugar)

    taco salad – one of my favorites, everyone else can have the taco shells if they want (JUST be careful, my daughter onces through her flour shell on top of the meat to warm it up, so much for my meal)

    websites I can think of off the top of my head (she has a couple of GREAT cookbooks too) has a couple of GREAT cookbooks too) (not sure of spelling on that one)

    If I think of more I will let you know. Don't give up it is harder with parents in the house but you can do it, it is sooooo worth it!


    use your search engine for paleo recipes and grainfree recipes

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome Judy!

    I would encourage to check out the recipe section of the forum.  Additionally, you might find the Glutenology Cookbook helpful. 

    Soups and stews are easy to make and last for multiple meals.  I would also encourage you to bake chicken or turkey.  Pull the meat from the bone and store in the fridge.  This is quick and easy and makes getting adequate protein  more efficient.

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile


    Here is a link to one of the BBQ sauce recipes I use:




    Judy, there is a new beef stir recipe I just posted in the recipe forum, take a look. It is really good!

    Rosa Herald

    Hi Judy,


    I will sugest to add some soups , tomato soup, or vegetable soup , potato soup. and salads

    also roasted vegetable. they are easy and great side dishes.

     I made a butternut squash soup ,

    very easy peel and dice :

    1 butternut squash, 2 granny smith apple & 1 russte potato  , put all in a pot with 1 quart of chicken or vegetable broth , 1/2 cup of apple juice ,salt pepper and thyme. bring to boil and simmer for 20 min. after all is cook blend all and you have a delicious soup. I normally do a big batch and frozen half for another week.

    well hope this add some variety





    Thanks for the great ideas and the links!  I eat lots of chicken soup and beef stew.  I saw a recipe (I can't remember the site) for Egg Drop Soup and when I last made my chicken noodle soup, I drizzled egg in it to add more protein and it was really good.  But those are things I eat for my lunches.  Dinners are hardest.  I am trying.

    Several months ago, I used gluten free bread for breadcrumbs to make meatloaf, etc.  After all, bread crumbs are about all most of that stuff is good for anyway.  Yucky.  I did almond bread then but the recipe also used other flours.  This weekend I will work on some bread with almond/coconut flours only.  Even if I don't start out making the best bread for just eating, at least it will hold my meatloaf together. Laugh

    I do have a question.  Lori, you mentioned beans above.  I have read they are okay and I have read they are not okay.  It's the same with white potatoes.  Can you explain the differences in opinion.  I love beans and potatoes and I have tried to limit them but if I don't need to limit them, I can make some great baked beans tomorrow and put them up for dinner this week.  When are beans and white potatoes good for you and when are they not good for you? 





    This is strictly my opinion, I need to lose weight so I very rarely eat a potato.  When I do eat them, I gain weight quickly. I also was diagnosed with candida and on the candida diet potatoes cause yeast in your body and it is not good. I think I have healed my candida, so I do eat a potato or maybe a 1/2 of a potato occasionally. That is my only reasons for not eating potatos.  Beans, I know cross contamination is a real issue, so I buy canneloni beans from because they are labeled gluten free. I have a lot of faith in this sight, my neice wanted to order something on that sight that would be gluten free if it didn't have cross contamination and she called them to see if it was safe and they told her no they can not guarantee them to be gluten free. So, I feel like they are honest with us.  Some people have other reasons for not eating beans, I do soak mine over night and rinse them before using. I'm sure others on here have different reasons. My theory on all of this is you have to try and figure out what works best for you and go with that.  You may eat something for awhile and realize it is bothering you or you may give something up and try it somewhere down the road and find out it is fine.  I really believe in good clean food, with the exception of grains. (I don't think they were meant to be food for us especially the way they are genetically altered now.)  Everything you do is something better than you did before. I keep saying baby steps Lori and it has been 2 years for me…LOL 

    I wanted to tell you that bulgogi recipe I mentioned can be put in the crock pot and is really good, it is in the recipe section of the forum here.  My neice gave me that recipe and I love it!  I ate it with wild rice, which I also cooked in the crock pot, that would take two crock pots though unless you cooked the rice the day before.

    Just keep on keepin on and you will get there Judy!


    Thank you so much Lori.  You are a wealth of information.  “Baby Steps”…that is a term I use all the time.  I will try to find good dry beans.  I like navy for baked beans and other recipes.  I do read the ingredients.  Just like nuts, that you would never think would have anything in them, most can have the chance of cross-contamination.  And like you, I prefer a company (unless they have a dedicated grain/gluten free facility) that will admit, there is a possibility.  It doesn't always make me feel that great about what I am buying but better about the honesty of the company.

    I always wash, soak overnight, wash again, and then cook my beans as well.  Hopefully that will take care of anything that may have been in contact with them.

    As far as potatoes, we usually have baked potatoes on Friday evenings.  It's just something that is easy and I don't have to stand over them while they cook.  Everyone else can pile theirs with butter, sour cream, cheese, and bacon bits and I can put sauteed mushrooms, broccoli, or something else on mine. 🙂

    I found the recipe.  It sounds really good.  It is something I would eat, but no one else.  A lot of recipes are that way due to their food restrictions but a lot is due to stubborness. 

    Thanks again!!!

    Peter Osborne

    Hey all,

    I have recently been using this paleo cookbook.  It is very good!


    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile

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