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    Diane Zides

    I’d like to know Dr.O’s opinion on this. I stayed off gluten and sugar for the most part for 31 years to stay thin. My Hasimoto’s held it’s won all that time until I did a gluten challenge last January for 6 months to get tested which messed everything up. Now I’m swinging from hypo to hyper, not on medication yet, but painting an iodine patch on my lower abdomen which after 7 months, still shows I’m deficient since it’s still not visible on my skin for at least 24 hours. Is this the right approach or an antiquated way of handling the situation? I’ve been reading some doctors think the last thing you should have is iodine if you have Hasimoto’s.

    I just had my first thyroiditis attack in years, although since the gluten challenge, I did notice my thyroid was a tinge sore at times or I felt pressure on my neck area ever so often. I got gastritis 4 weeks ago from unknowingly ingesting garlic, one of my intolerances. Did my injured stomach lining bring on this attack? I also found a pasta noodle in steamed spinach I ate at a restaurant 4 weeks after the initial gastritis attack. Could the thyroiditis be gluten whiplash? I’m not sure just how sensitive I am to gluten since I’m new to this, but when I do get glutened, I’m getting more severe attacks of fatigue for 4 days or more when it happens, and it affects my digestion with gas and feelings of reflux without heartburn. I’m trying to avoid further damage to my body. I’m on an austere diet for Candida, and I’m 100% compliant. I take no medications. My blood work is normal. My issues are thyroid, digestion, food intolerance, Candida, and chronic fatigue. Most of the people I know continue to eat gluten and sugar and they are overweight, on high blood pressure medications, have arthritis, digestive issues, and are prediabetic or have type II diabetes. I might be sick from symptoms, but I’m probably healthier then them.

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