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    Hi, this is Francine.  I’m live in SW PA on the OH/PA line.  I was diagnosed with celiac in 02/09 after a bad hopsitalization and 4 days of random testing with being told I was a “medical mystery” so they were just going to treat me for IBS.  About 2 weeks after that, a pathologist happened to find celiac from my biopsy, but the doctors were not even looking for it. By the time I had the bloodtest, 3 weeks after hospitalization, I had already gone gluten-free on my own for most of the week and the test still was positive.


    I have moved on with a gluten free lifestyle and now am moving towards totally grain free.  I have the most difficulty with trying to prepare other foods for my family, and trying to not be a big pain if we eat out (I sometimes feel I’m too nice of a person to handle eating out and being assertive about my diet).  And I have a boss that orders pizza every Monday for the office *sigh*.  I have also went rounds with gluten free products that only cause me to gain weight because they are made of rice and actually have a ton of calories in them.  So now it’s fruits, veggies and proteins in their natural forms; it’s what I know is safe and it’s what keeps me healthy.


    I always knew a low carb diet worked for me in the past, and when I varied from it I would get sick.  Now I know why.  But now I know I can do it with fruits and vegetables included.  My worse time frame was arguing with a colo-rectal surgeon after I had a minor repair, telling him I was getting sicker after his surgery.  He got upset that I was questioning him.  Hindsight:  he put me on wheat based fiber laxative drink and kept telling me my body would adjust if I drank more water and kept taking it. 


    I had all the signs and never knew.  I actually had a doctor tell me that they didn’t test for it because “fat people don’t get celiac”.  Nice of him.  I have a family history of auto-immune diseases (mother died of amyloidosis).  I’ve had doctors tinkering with my thyroid for years, although it tests normal.  I’ve had Dx’s of fatty liver, bile feflux disease, thyroid things, even a goiter that didn’t exist; all to miraculously heal on a gluten free diet..


    I look forward to getting to know others hear and learning more and more.





    Peter Osborne


    Thank you for sharing your story.  I have several new grain free recipes being posted this week.  So check back to the recipe section of the forum.  

    Welcome to Gluten Free Society.  If you are not familiar with the website, I encourage you to explore around.  We have a number of articles, videos, expert interviews and more.  

    Thanks for joining us!

    Dr. OsborneSmile

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