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    Does anyone know anything about the new infrared grills and whether or not they are safe? Have heard they are similar to a microwave, but safe. The thought of grilling with something like a microwave doesn’t sound like a good idea, but just wondering.

    Diane Zides

    I’m not sure if this cooking texhnology affects food the same way a microwave does. I couldn’t determine that from reading about it, so I didn’t buy one.


    Infra-red I know as good in many uses to the body. I had infra-red used on my ankles a year after a car accident I was in, and my pain was so bad I was getting to the point I couldn’t walk. I would have to ask for ANYONE to rub my ankles it was that bad. On my first treatment I got lucky and noticed a huge difference in my pain it was almost gone, I was told this was very rare to have happen specially the first treatment. I am happy to say that was about two or three years ago now and I haven’t had problems since. (Note: I have Fibromyalgia). I have heard great things about the infra-red saunas too. BUT that being said I need to do my homework on it. We were looking into buying one of those BBQ’s ourselves, but I was wondering about them too. Any thoughts on this Dr. O or anyone?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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