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    OOps, I meant to post this in gluten free all of the time. Chalk up another one to brain fog.

    I had a talk with Dr. Osborne, the other day. I mentioned in passing I had eaten quite a bit of buckwheat before my food intolerance tests. I had been suspicious of buckwheat since going on a rotational diet and having it only every four days. Eight days back I wasn’t too hungry on the day we had it, so I didn’t have it. Four days back, I wasn’t too hungry and skipped it again. Meanwhile, my brain fog is back for the first time since December! It seems just like the gluten/grain with drawls I went through. Oh, I guess that is exactly what it is.

    Now my plan is to put the list of things not to eat on my refrigerator, but I really don’t think I will forget about buckwheat very soon. I just skip the grain category when I shop for my groceries wholesale. What could go wrong?

    I stood for brain fog for 30 years, and now I won’t stand for it. I am glad for feeling better sometimes, so that when I don’t, I know it.



    Thankfully, I came out the other end of the fog. I feel like good things are ahead this morning.


    I just saw a post on FB from GFS this morning linking to Greenmedinfo. It’s heading is, “Learn about one of the best gluten-free grain alternatives there is: Buckwheat!”

    Looks like they might have had more research on this one

    Jennifer Swift

    If I’m not mistaken not eating buckwheat is recommended because of cross contamination.

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