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    Anthony Rao



    Well, I have psoriatic arthritis and IBS. Just found this site and am very grateful.

    Here’s why I believe I have a gluten issue. For a long time, every time I eat something like bread, flour tortilla, etc. my sinuses get inflamed and almost completely close off, and I can’t breath through my nose at all. Then because of that I snore really badly, which stretches my uvula and I end up choking and gagging. If that is happening to my sinuses, I’m guessing it’s happening to other parts of my body. Obviously, my gut gets inflamed and I’ve created an autoimmune system that is always on high.

    I’m going to do a real gluten free diet [learned here] and see how it goes. ANY advice is gratefully welcomed!



    Stephanie Sherie

    Oh yes. Once you start watching the videos here I think more will make sense. Gluten has been traced to aggravate and indirectly or indirectly cause your current issues.
    Dr. O will know the full scoop, though!

    Anthony Rao

    Thank you Stephanie!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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