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    Hello from Central Texas!


    I was diagnosed with celiac disease in April of 2010.  I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis (lymphocitic colitis) about 5 years before that, and suffered without a diagnosis for a year before that!  After going gluten free I felt much better, but then earlier this year stated feeling the same, very tired all the time, sluggish, and now, since the end of December/early January I have started getting a sore throat off and on.  More on than off.  I think food is triggering the pain.  It only hurts on one side at a time though.  For the past three months it has only been on the left side, but tonight it is hurting on the right side.  I work in a large level one trauma center ER and have had two ER physicians look at it, but they say it looks fine and can't see any reason it to be hurting.  I told the second doc that looked at it that I had celiac disease, and she immediately asked if I had ever had any ulcers in my mouth, because it is not uncommon with celiac.  She suggested that I may have an ulcer in my throat from the disease.  It is not a typical sore throat.  I have not figured out what triggers the pain, but it can come at any time, again, usually after I eat.  It may be immediate up to a few hours later. 


    I am still suffering from the diarrhea, though that may be due to the lymphocytic colitis.  With the colitis, I have to eat a low fiber diet (no raw veggies or fruit!).  I also take 3 iron pills a day for the anemia, and a weekly 50,000iu of vitamin D.  I am still waiting for the iron to help me regain my energy.  I am not sure if the iron is  making me feel worse, more tired.  I was out of town last week and forgot my iron, and actually had some energy, now that I started taking them again, I feel tired again.  Maybe I was too busy to notice how I felt last week, I don't know.  I just know that I am tired of feeling tired!! 


    I know I haven't been as restrictive on my diet as I should be (my GI wants me to follow an IBS diet as well), but need to know where to start.  I have heard a lot of the “true gluten free diet” but don't know what to do.   Help!!


    Thanks for your support!





    Start by watching the videos on this website.  Dr. Osborne does an excellent job of expaining what a true gluten-free diet is and how to get started.  Other posts on this forum are helpful also.  Starting a food diary may help you to identify other foods that are hurting you. 

    I can relate to your frustration!!  Hang in there and get all the information you can.  Sticking faithfully to your diet is very important if you want to get well.  Good luck!


    Peter Osborne

    Hi Romanita,

    I agree with Martha.  You have to start by educating yourself.  Dietary compliance must be strict, especially during the recovery phases of healing. 

    I would encourage you to get allergy tested for other foods as well. 

    Welcome to the forum!Smile

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