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    We hosted a picnic yesterday. I ate only my food and others had brought quite a few things. After the meal I thought perhaps their things should go back into their cooler. I lifted a lid to see if it was a cooler item and caught a whiff. I dropped it back on and walked away. It had vinegar- which I have avoided for years. Meanwhile, I noticed that my tummy bloated, I felt sick to my stomach and I wanted to sit down. Later they left and we brought the rest of the things in. I was in the kitchen and began to smell vinegar and started feeling nauseated again. I took refuge in the living room where my family assured me that they didn’t bring any of it in. I insisted that I would not be cooking breakfast unless something was done. My husband eventually went to check. He said there was a small piece of the salad brought in. I was so glad that he was able to verify that what I said is true, because I don’t think I make these things up.

    I wonder what other communications I will get from my body as I start through this gluten withdrawl phase. I had suspected a vinegar problem only because it would give me fatigue, but I never was sure of it. Now getting nauseous seems pretty clear.

    Previously I felt too scared to eat dinner somewhere else, but I realized that now I even have a problem with people eating here.Confused


    Twenty years ago I had Candida after taking antibiotics. Smelling vinegar would make me exhausted for over 8 hours. It took a year to get well. Gluten didn’t show up at the time. Today, after taking antibiotics and doing a gluten challenge which helped it show up in testing, I am once again sick with Candida, gluten and 21 other food intolerances, chronic fatigue, thyroid problems, and a poor functioning gut. I won’t go near vinegar. The fumes give me reflux. Since I’m sicker this time, it will probably take me 2 to 3 years to heal this time.






    That is not known, but it is clear my body does not like it. I am surely having some fungus problems, so perhaps they are connected.

    Lori Quandtfarmwife67

    It could be candida. When I was suffering with that the doctor told me to stay away from all vinegar except, unfiltered apple cider vinegar “with the mother”. I still follow those rules!


    Odors can bother some people with Candida, but i don’t know the reason. Some people who don’t have Candida are bothered by perfumes, gasoline, etc. Strong enough odors can give some people reflux. I was using Swiffer floor cleaning pads and decided I really don’t like the smell, so I’m staying with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and Bon Ami, all odorless. I’ll find something for the floors out of those. I never liked it vinegar. I also felt it was too strong a taste. Sometimes I can tolerate a tiny amount mixed in with oil, but right now I can’t eat it with Candida.


    Thanks for the info. I have a son with a yeast infection and he was raving about the salad that gave me problems. I didn’t know that it would give him problem. I think I am shedding some yeast too. My body seems to finally getting ahead of the problems. Smile It is somewhat uncomfortable in the meanwhile.Frown

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