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    I am doing a rotational diet and eating foods I have antibodies to, but only every 4 days. So far, so good.

    I have been seeing people cut out foods until they have only 6 items left. They are not feeling well. They don’t have protein items left, they don’t have vegetables left.

    Some are taking enzymes. Will this help intolerances? I am taking these recently, but I started my rotational diet and the enzymes nearly at the same time. I am desperate enough to be unscientific. I don’t have to be scientific anyway, I just need to get better!

    We certainly need help with this issue!


    Peter Osborne


    Part of the problem with recovery is that the broken GI tract is not fully functional or capable of digesting and absorbing nutrients.  Add leaky gut, abnormal bacteria, and inflammation to the equation and many people struggle to get better. 

    I would recommend three supplements for you to consider to counter these problems:

    1. UltraImmune IgG

    2. Max Digest

    3. Biotic Defense

    This is a combination I have used with thousands of patients successfully to aid in the healing process.

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile


    Dr. O,

    I read what you posted in response to Diana’s post regarding the suppliments you suggest for a broken GI tract including leaky gut and inflammation. Would you still suggest these suppliments if someone were to add systemic candida to the equation?

    All suppliments seem to have some source of sugar, things with -ose in the ingredients, which always seem to flare up the candida, even after one dose. Also any preservatives/additives I have reactions to.

    What would your suggestion be for someone with multiple chemical/food sensitivies with the above GI/candida issues?

    Any help would be appreciated!



    Just so others know: If you click on the name of the supplements, you can find out more about what they are for. I didn’t realize that at first.

    I don’t understand why I would want antibodies. I guess they aren’t the problem, but the lack of them is? NOt even fighting is part of the problem? I would feel frustrated that this information is way beyond me, but the MD is cluless also. Is the small intestine suppossed to make IGG? I think I saw that it is once.

    Yeah, I see the catch 22 of needing nutrients to recover and needing to absorb them to get them and have commented on that myself a couple of times.



    I got my chiro to read this and she will help me to study it.


    My chiro reviewed it and thought the IGg would be a good thing for me. I ordered and received it, so it will begin its work today.

    I plan to try some probiotic too, but I have another excellent brand.

    I am taking the Max Digest already.

    I reacted to cross contamination (I guess) by eating in someone else’s home. Next time I bring my own paper plate, pot holder, and fork!

    I got the excercise program and I think I can do it. I might just need my children to do it with me to stay motivated. That is strange, I usually like to excercise on my own.

    Peter Osborne


    Call my office and ask for Fungal Forte.  281-240-2229  It is very effective for yeast conditions.

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile


    Dr. O,

    Thank you for this information. I will do that.



    Yow! I think I could tell you where my small intestine is. The IgG is doing something. I can tolerate some pain.

    Editing to say that the pain is subsiding well.

    Wow! Something is still going on in that tummy. 2/21/2013 Namely rumbling, bloating, and gas.

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