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    Experiences that could take the cake:


    Being realeased from a hospital in a strange city (Dallas University Hospital) at 10 pm to drive strange dark roads while nauseated. I went as far as Plano and found our temporary apartment without any wrong turns. The only time I had traveled these roads was when I drove to the hospital from the doctor’s office. This I had done even though I just had a regular office visit, so I had no supplies packed.Confused

    Driving these same roads a week or so later while vomiting at 55 miles per hour.Surprised


    Teaching home school on the couch. It was hard enough to move my eyes to read.

    Falling asleep between spelling words while giving a test.

    Home care:

    Placing the refrigerator on stilts because it tired me so to reach the lower shelves.

    Not beginning any projects, so no mess was made.

    Looking for a ranch style house so I didn’t have to climb the stairs.

    Cutting a bunch of the strings off my string mop, so that I could handle the weight of it.

    Closing my children into a “safe” room with me so I could nap.

    I am hoping that these sorts of strategies will not be needed with my new found energy.

    Please share some of your most memorable situations.

    Diane Zides

    It’s not something I want to remember. I spent 8 or more hours on some days laying on the couch the whole time with extreme exhaustion from feeling like I didn’t digest my food and it was laying under my breastbone like non heartburn reflux, which also made it hard to take a deep breath. I couldn’t function on those days.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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