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    LaughLaughExperiences that could take the cake:

    Pregnancies: 🙁

    Being realeased from a hospital in a strange city (Dallas University Hospital) at 10 pm to drive strange dark roads while nauseated. I went as far as Plano and found our temporary apartment without any wrong turns. The only time I had traveled these roads was when I drove to the hospital from the doctor’s office. This I had done even though I just had a regular office visit, so I had no supplies packed.

    Driving these same roads a week or so later while vomiting at 55 miles per hour.

    Homeschooling: <_< Teaching home school on the couch. It was hard enough to move my eyes to read. Falling asleep between spelling words while giving a test. Home care: Placing the refrigerator on stilts because it tired me so to reach the lower shelves. Not beginning any projects, so no mess was made. Looking for a ranch style house so I didn’t have to climb the stairs. Cutting a bunch of the strings off my string mop, so that I could handle the weight of it. Closing my children into a “safe” room with me so I could nap. I am hoping that these sorts of stradegies will not be needed with my new found energySmile

    I will like to read some other peoples creative living ideas for their gluten days in the past.

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