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    Call out to all those who have been grain free for at least three months, has it still been good?  Grain free works for so many people, but does it continue to work over a long period of time?  I'm not saying that there's any nutritional value from grains, but just in case, are people finding that they feel they will be grain free for the rest of their lives??  Please write any experience about the long term effects of being grain free.



    Yes, I will be grain-free for the rest of my life–and probably dairy-free and a few other things-free once I get it all sorted out.  I've been on this diet about eight months now.  The immediate euphoria and energy spurt has indeed worn off as it does for so many.  Now we're down to the brass tacks of actually healing.  The mpst enduring positive is that my asthma symptoms have basically disappeared, and I'm off all my inhalers (still taking some oral meds, but weaning those slowly).  I'm also almost completely off any meds for reflux, I don't snore anymore, and I don't swell up (retain water) the way i used to.  Still to go are the hypertension, thyroid issues, and adrenal fatigue.  I've also developed some peristent diarrhea which I'm trying to resolve by avoiding various lectin groups of food.  We've been traveling all summer, so that's been a tough one to incorporate into the routine. 

    Besides the positive health changes I am seeing in myself, I'm also looking at the more long-term consequences (or at least associated consequences) of eating gluten that has affected my family–osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's.  These I definetely want to avoid!  So, yes, it is now who I am–grain-free for life.



    Grain Free forever! Once in awhile I fall off the wagon, like this last week we went on vacation and I got tempted and drank some juices with corn syrup and started drinking my diet coke again. Long story short, my husband was quick to tell me I was twitching at night and snoring again.  My nephew was shocked to think my husband would notice that and know it was from my diet.  He has been through this with me long enough and he now knows too, when I eat something I shouldn't. I can't hide it from anyone! LOL  My tendons have also started hurting again and that was almost gone.  It is amazing that only a week can do that to me.  I wish I could convince all of my family and friends because I just know it would help them too!  Oh and I also got kind of moody (I didn't just admit that though) for a couple of days.  I know better, but it always gives me a big reminder when I eat stuff I shouldn't.

    Long story short it is worth it for the rest of my life to eat this way!


    I am grain free, sugar free, dairy free, low carb (no taters), no fruits except apples and berries, no molds (mushrooms), trying to give up legumes too, but that is taking time.  I know if I could give up my carbs other than veggies I would get back to losing weight. My weight has been at a stand still.  It may sound restrictive but it works for me!



    Yes! i have been grain free for nearly 11 1/2 years……. there were a few slips in there.  but i dont feel good when i eat grains.  i itch, i get bloated, i get lethargic, i get SICK.  grains do not make me feel good and i will not eat them ever again.  That is not to mean that it is always easy there are times i wish i could have something that was made with grains but then i remember how bad they make me feel and i stay away from them.  I will also be dairy free forever as that also makes me feel bad.  and a few other things free as well.  Trying to eat a non processed food diet – lots of veggies, fruits, nuts….etc. is the best for me and my family.  it does work long term.  🙂

    Jackie Scarbrough

    Charlie, first of all YES grain free forever!! Laugh 

    My thoughts are that once you continue to educate yourself there is so much truth in the health benefits of being grain free that it is an easy choice to make for the long term.  

    The absolute hardest part is with our society being so focused on grains they're hidden everywhere and even when you're dilligently trying to be careful you can be accidentally contaminated.  The longer you're grain free the more strongly you react to this contamination, in my experience anyway, that has been the most difficult.  Other than that I am feeling great (grain, dairy, soy, and sugar free over a year now). 

    Rita Bray

    Hi Charlie


    This is a great question!


    What do you have to say about it?




    The responses of are excellent quality and highly optimistic.  My experience is very good with grain free, which I've been for about 8 months.  A side note, it also works on cats as we've started them grain free and they had to go for a car ride to the vet which they usually druel and freak out in the car, but since changing their diet, they was no drueling.  Back to me, its all about not eating processed foods of any kinds.  I've been so healthy, that I'm not constantly scouring online forums for answers, but they were undeniably how I got to where I am.  You all put up exactly the information I was looking for from writing that question.  Thank you ladies, which I figure from all your names. Smile

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