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    Hi I am new to this – just signed up last night. I have had severe migraines for years and ‘irritable bowel’ – went off ‘gluten’ a few months ago (what I thought was gluten free anyway) and my tummy came right but my migraines have not gone. Found this information yesterday and want to try eliminating all grains now to see if it will help. But I am conscious that this eliminates most carbs so need to get them from other sources….

    Can’t seem to find anywhere on this website where there is a list of foods I can eat? I am struggling here. Can anyone help?



    Rita Bray

    Hi Michelle

    The tutorials are full of good information on what to eat and how to prepare your kitchen for a gluten free life.
    When you are on the home page, there is a tab called Glutenology. You can watch them in order or skip around.

    They were very helpful to me when I had the same question.


    Peter Osborne
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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