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    Diane Zides

    I have gluten and 22 other food intolerances, Candida, Hasimoto’s, CFS, and recently recovering from acute gastritis caused by ingesting garlic which I’m intolerant to. My main symptoms are indigestion, gas, constipation, extreme exhaustion, and light headedness that I am getting far too often after eating. It can last a good 9 hours until I snap out of it. Then I’m wide awake and can’t go to sleep. I also get a lot of muscle cramps too often at night. The past few years I’ve had dehydration issues and feel better after taking electrolytes or drinking smart water, but this doesn’t always work, or work right away.

    Yesterday I had leftover salmon that was cooked the day before, and fresh avocado for breakfast. I eat very small portions. I felt great. I decided to finish the rest for lunch. About an hour later, my symptoms started. Perhaps eating this meal twice put me over my histamine threshold? I’m also still dehydrated since having the runs from Prevacid I took a few weeks back for gastritis, which still isn’t fully healed. I had thyroiditis a few days back for the first time in years. I’m not on medication for that, and I don’t take anything but the vitamins. I read histamine affects thyroid, and vice versa. Spinach sometimes makes my mouth pucker or I’ll get a canker sore, and my teeth will feel fuzzy. That could be from the oxalate it contains?

    I have tinnitus, a dry nose most of the time, sometimes swell from mosquito bites that take forever to resolve, and occasionally get hives after eating. My symptoms fit, but they could be from my other problems. I think dehydration is a big factor in this. I just have such a problem staying hydrated. Any suggestions?

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