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    I am 22 and have had eczema since early childhood.  Up until 18 months ago I only had it on my hands as well as my knee and elbow joints and was only ever given cortizone creams to alleviate it. 

     For the last 18 months it has progressively worsened and now I have it over much of my body.  I have been having light treatment for the last few months, but I havent noticed any difference (apart from a nice tan during winter).  Last year I was seeing a natropath and went 'gluten' and dairy free but didnt notice a change. Last week I went to see another natropath who also suggested I cut out sugar as well, so Im giving that a go. 

    When I stumbled along this website in my search for something to eat,  I thought this would be a good way to learn more about what is causing my skin to become so aggrivated, especially since I havent found any real answers and many people here in Perth (Australia), that I have seen dont even mention my diet as the problem.

    Hopefully what I learn here will make some difference.

    Jade 🙂


    Welcome to the site and good luck. I would consider going completely grain free and maybe even going on a peleo type diet. Hope you find some help for your eczema!

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome to the group Jade!  FYI, eczema is definitely linked to diet.  Let us know how your changes improve your condition…Smile


    Thanks, I will see how it goes Smile

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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