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    Kathy Culp

    Hi everyone!

    I am 51 yrs. old, married with three children…here is my family history

    I had childhood epilepsy….curious…my mom loved to bake pastry’s & she loved sugar and fed all of it to me..lots of it.

    parents divorced and I stayed with my mom until 9ys old…diet of tv dinners, cinnamon toast & milk

    ..then I moved in with dad and began eating a better diet standard American diet.

    I remember IBS symptoms began after moving out of my parent’s home  at age 18…didn’t know what it was until I was in my 40’s…

    I have dermatitis herpitiformis…vitiligo, IBS, Frequent intestinal bloating or gas especially after eating~Difficulty recalling words, Neuropathy,Constipation, muscle wasting, early menopause, miscarriages & spontaneous abortions (I had about 3 of the latter and 2 of the former…and other things that are not coming to mind at the moment.

    All of my children suffered from seizure disorders as children….eczema, one daughter has PCOS, 2 children have hypoglycemia, one frequent headaches, mirgrains, stomach aches…one has stomach aches and bloating, stomach distention, one has UTC’s, both daughters have menstrual irregularities. Son has spontaneous nose bleeds and at an early age depression and slow speech development. Both girls have chronic skin rashes…the one who lives at home recognizes it is worse after eating wheat/gluten.

    My symptoms have been relieved by staying gluten free since September.  I am working on discovering food allergies and hidden gluten in foods…the only time I have any symptom flare ups is from hidden gluten or food allergies.

    6 yrs. ago my I was at my worst and my family thought I was going to die..then…about four yrs ago I started implementing a high raw food diet…which does not use many grains. Therefore my symptoms have improved..but I have not achieved optimal health.  I still have some outbreaks of dermatitis herpitiformis and occasional gut issues… but overall I am improving if I ingest hidden gluten or some undiscovered food allergy.

    My brother suffers from low thyroid, stunted growth and has been on thyroid meds since he was 12.  In his forties he has begun to have seizures and vitiligo and several other issues he does not speak about to me. 

    My aunt has Hashimoto’s and gut issues.  My cousin and her daughter have MS.

    My dad has restless leg, gut iproblems and other issues too.

    Cousin has Crohn’s.

    My dad’s brother died of colitis when he was 2….probably around 70 yrs ago.

    My grandma had gut issues…

    with all of this family history…I am thinking I need to get my kiddo’s tested for confirmation.

    Glad to find this site!!!




    Hi Kathy,

    I am a mother also. I grew up on Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams, and grapenuts. My Mom thought better of it while we were still young and avoided the Lucky Charms and sugary cereals. How sad I was then, but glad for it now.

    I must have missed your post somehow. I usually answer long before 5 days go by. Shame on me, I think you have quite a story.

    I got into natural foods, especialy home baked bread, to overcome health difficulties. Needless to say, I didn’t get better, instead I just about died 6 years back. At that time, supplements helped me tread water until I went grain free and began to heal from the root of my problems.

    You have a family history, I had none. My genetic test showed my genes were 4/4. Surprise!

    I have been grain free for about 7 months and am feeling more energetic. I have pondered at times an all raw diet, but I think my friends on it look sick. I have opted for a balanced protein to carb diet with small amounts of good fats with meals.

    I hope you will be able to incorporate a healing-for-you diet. I find the tests listed on this website to be helpful along with the videos and ideas presented. I like to write, so you can see my stuff all over the place.

    Oh, I must say that I am slightly younger than you. I dare think I will be 50 this year. Things are looking up.

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome aboard Kathy!

    Thanks for sharing your story.  I hope you find the tools you need to fully heal.

    Keep us updated on your continued improvements.

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile

    Kathy Culp

    Thanks. My daughter and I recently sent in our cheek DNA samples to the lab. I am looking forward to receiving the results.
    I have found many helpful resources on your site. Thank you for the work you are doing and God bless.


    Kathy Culp

    I got our DNA tests results back..

    Both of us are positive.

    I have the DQ-2 and my daughter has the DQ 8 gene.

    I am thankful to have an answer to all the issues we have had over many years.


    Now onto Elisa & stool tests.


    Thanks Dr. O for offering testing and all of the information on this site!


    God Bless~


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