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    Elise Geiman

    Thank God I found this website. I have gluten intolerance, and I didn’t realize I wasn’t totally gluten free until I listen to Dr. Osborne on the Lyme Disease Summit. I don’t have lyme Disease, but other family members do. I listened to it because I wanted to learn more. Wow! I did. I didn’t realize that corn, oatmeal, and all other grains that weren’t considered the usual Wheat Rye, and Barley have gluten. I tried to stay away from all grains, but occasionally I would have wild rice. I realize now that have to change most of my vitamins and nutritional products, because they either contain corn or rice in them, or don’t know what type of gluten that may be in them. I have been battling psoriasis since 2011. I can’t get rid of it no matter what I do. No wonder.

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