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    Hello, I was given the news today that my DNA testing came back with strong indicators that I'm gluten intolerant.  I went to the doctor this morning and received a lot of information about what all of that means.  As he was speaking, I realized that the lunch I had packed for work today was not 100% gluten free because it had some cheese and olive salad.  The cheese probably came from milk from a grain fed cow.  And I'm not sure what kind of vinegar was used in the olive salad.  WOW!  The things I need to think about before I put food in my mouth is a little overwhelming at the moment!


    On the bright side, I have high hopes of becoming healthy and energetic.  After years of being in pain from undiagnosed musle and joint inflamation, I had just about given up on ever feeling good again.  I seldom spoke about my discomfort because I didn't want to give it any power in my life.  I had accepted that I was getting old and that is what old people feel like.  But I'm not old.  I'm only 53 and I have a new diet and lifestyle that is going to help me feel my age and feel better.  I have a lot to learn though! 


    Jean S

    Sugar Land, TX


    welcome jean! I am sure once you give your body a chance you will find that you have a lot more energy.  and 53 is definitely not that old! 😉

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome aboard!Smile

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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