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    Hello. It has definitely been a “God thing” that I came upon this website! I suffer with fibromyalgia, major depression and anxiety, and osteoarthritis (that I know of), and had Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2006 (now in remission). I’m scheduled for a phone consult with Dr. Osborne in early September because a dear friend gave me the money to do so. I am gluten, soy, dairy, egg (and a number of other foods) intolerant. And I am NOT a happy camper. The truth is that I never truly went off the soy, dairy or egg; However I thought I was doing pretty well with the gluten for almost the past 2 years UNTIL I discovered Gluten Free Society about three weeks ago and learned the truth. As of a week ago, I finally went off all grains, dairy, eggs, and soy. But still not able to afford to purchase supplements and makeup without the corn. I KNOW I have many vitamin/mineral deficiencies from all those years of abuse to my body (I’m 65), but I only have a very limited income every month, and it’s hard to live on meat, fish, veggies, fruit, and nuts and to eat grass-fed meats, let alone afford it all. Also, I asked my primary care (traditional medicine) doctor if she would allow me to do the Intracellular Micronutrient Analysis because it MIGHT be covered by my insurance only through a Medicare-certified physician. My doctor was NOT very excited about how I’ve had to limit my diet, and wanted nothing to do with prescribing the test. She is sending me to an allergist/immunologist. Plus, I’m losing more weight than I’d like because I’m not eating enough to maintain my weight. All this to say that I’m struggling mightily and could use some guidance to help me through this. I’m certain it would not be this difficult if I didn’t have all the other food intolerances as well. Also I’m pretty certain Dr. Osborne will advise me to do many things to “get myself better,” but the frustration is that, without a financial miracle, I will only be able to afford a very few of them. Anyone out there willing to give me some encouragement?Frown Thank you so much!Smile

    Peter Osborne


    Consider joining a coop for produce.  Try to search your area for one.  The cost of produce is much cheaper here.  Additionally, you might try the local farmer’s markets.  Often times the cost is lower for meats.

    Hang in there!

    Dr. OSmile

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