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    Hello to everyone! I am hoping to learn so much from all of you guys. I have recently become a patient of Dr. Osborne, and I feel so blessed to have found him and his web site. This is all so new to me, and there is certainly a learning curve in all of this!!!! I started to have multiple health issues after a partial thyroidectomy last Oct. I have been to numerous Dr.'s ( some which were specialist ) and hospitalized on several occasions but got no real diagnosis. On my first visit to Dr. O which was almost 1 month ago he took me off all grains. I had been eating lots of them to try and put some weight on. Within a few days I started noticing a bit of a change. I've gone through the testing, and I'm trying to balance eating GF along with my test results from my LRA.  To be honest sometimes I don't know what to eat. I tested reactive to numerous foods and  products.  One was Candida albicans and there's so much in the fruit family you're not supposed to eat. Also, I am having a hard time finding nuts and dried fruit that are guaranteed they haven't been exposed to cross contamination with grains. I recently bought some pecans,almonds and raisins at Whole Foods. They were “organic” but after I ate some I noticed it said , “May contain wheat, peanuts, soy, or milk.” I also bought some organic raw almond butter…big mistake! Didn't feel well for 2 days! Does anyone know a “safe place” to buy nuts/dried fruit? I looked around the site but didn't see anything. Also, thinking with all my food limitations maybe I should try the Paleo diet. Can anyone suggest a good Paleo book? Thanks for letting me ramble a bit…the brain is still healing alsoWink! Everyone take care.

    God bless,



    Jackie Scarbrough

    Debbie, I have to recommend for the nuts and almond butter.  You can search specifically for gluten free and organic on that site.  I even emailed them once because I wanted a certain product and found it under their regular listings but it wasn't coming up under gluten free and it didn't seem like something that would normally contain gluten, I can't remember now what it was.  They emailed me right back saying that whatever it was tested positive for traces of gluten, most likely was processed with other products…..I found this to be very comforting. 

    Good luck and welcome!


    Jackie Scarbrough

    Debbie, I almost forgot I wanted to say too that I have read “roasted” is better for sensitive guts than the raw (due to lectins), for nuts and nut butters.  If you buy your own raw nuts then soak them overnight and you can roast them yourself.  -Jackie


    Wow, Jackie! Thanks for the info. I had no idea about the roasted vs. raw on nuts!!!! Learning new things everyday!!! I would have never thought roasted was better…Thank you so much for repying!

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